Denied again
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Jack was seething with jealousy.
He and his wife Michelle had gone to a party and she had been openly flirting with another blonde, giggling and standing very close to her all night. When Jack had complained, she merely ordered him to get her another drink which he did, knowing better than to argue with her. No sooner did she take a sip when she made her intentions known to her new found friend.

Jack was frustrated but ravenously horny at the same time. It had been a month since his domineering wife had last given him some short-lived relief. Unlocking his chastity device, she'd given him a quick hand job, before locking him back in for another month of agonizing torture.
Now, as he watched his beautiful wife making out with another woman, his little penis raged within the hard plastic confines of his device.

The next day, after having a rough, sleepless night in the other bedroom while his wife was treated to orgasm after orgasm with her new friend, Jack kneeled before her, hoping and praying she'd unlock his chastity device. He swallowed hard as he gazed from her deeep cleavage into her unsympathetic eyes.

"It's been thirty days, Honey..." he reminded her in his most tactful voice. He hoped he didn't sound too desperate, even if he was in fact, terribly desperate to cum.

"Hmm, well, I've changed my mind about that," she replied with nonchalance.

"Ch-changed your m-mind?' he quaked nervously.

"Yes, I've decided you really don't need to cum more than once every two months. So I think you can stay locked up for another thirty days."

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Mina Silverwind
wow, I love the sheer genius behind this great story based picture, and thanks for making my day.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
Baby Bobby, your captions are still my favourite on the site and it's great to see more of them. Thanks so much. I hope you do lots more.
Baby Butch
Great captions, baby Butch likes them.
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