All XXX Day 4 of 7 in chastity
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 I have been locked up now for 4 days, and I have three more to go as part of my assignment from the sissylover academy. I am so incredibly horny. My key has been sealed away and I really want to unlock for release. know this is for my own good. I keep watching sissy porn and it isn't helping. I watch how the sissys submit and focus on only the man. I find myself humping my pillow trying to feel something. I wake up maybe 4 times a night com my little erections, and I desperately want to unlock myself and rub one out. As sad as I am right now, it would probably take 3 pumps before I released. I occasionally leak a little precum which sometimes gets on my panties, i try to eat all that i leak out. When I go out to grocery store, I look at all the men there, and think about how none of them would even think of wearing a chastity cage. It reinforces me that I am not a man. These next three days are going to be torture, but as bad as it is, I am loving every moment. I am wondering if I should be released after my week is up. After I cum all i am left deflated with my sissy batter that I have to eat up
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