Dance with Me by Mashiro
Beautifaul animation from the Strange Brother's saga
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From the story that brought you that lovely animation of "Transformation into Beauty," comes this new delightful transformation sequence!

Ayumi and Satori Joushima are indeed Strange Siblings. Whenever they will it, they are able to transform the other sibling into the opposite gender. Not only that, but they can even change each other's clothing to whatever they please!

Satori, the younger sister, absolutely loves this ability. She enjoys going places as a boy, and immersing herself into the "male culture." Ayumi, however, isn't as excited as Satori about their powers...

It's a shame, too, as they gain more control over their powers the more they use them. While Satori changes Ayumi at the slightest whim, usually to play with her own personal dress-up doll, Ayumi prefers to only change Satori when she asks or when she really makes her angry. That last one is rare, though, as Ayumi's usually too much of a nice guy to really get angry at his sister, no matter what she does to him.

So now, Ayumi can change Satori into a boy. It takes a lot of energy and it gives him a headache, but he can manage it. Satori on the other hand?

She can change her brother into a beautiful young lady, wearing anything she pleases, from anywhere on the planet, any time she wants.

Satori however doesn't mean to torture her brother; she believes that he enjoys being a pretty girl, and will often change him just as a reward. Ayumi is usually very quick to reject these sudden transformations, but sometimes she starts to be afraid that his sister is right. When he was dolled up like a bride, he couldn't bear to damage the beautiful gown, or even throw away the bouquet. Could he really enjoy being pretty and girly, deep down?

It doesn't seem that Ayumi will have a choice soon, as Satori has begun to develop a new ability; she can control her transformed brother's movements in any way she pleases, as she demonstrates to Ayumi for the first time, here.

The more fluent Satori becomes with her powers, the more control she has over her older brother. And despite not knowing it or meaning to, she's slowly turning him into the perfect little dress-up doll, day by day...
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Thanks. I couldn't believe how wonderful that was. I was sad that I couldn't read what they were saying but just the drawings were amazing and the story is great.
Baby Flo
I like to say: thank you, too.

Love everybody
everybody will Love you
Sissy Bennykins
I luv it, very great!!! I would love to be able to transform into a girl with whatever piece of clothing!!! Definitely into a blonde with a silk blouse and tight black skirt
Take was a awesome animation sequence*giggles* and the lil bio you added added more too it and was very cute.

thanks for sharing with us all
I love mashiro's castle! I love this story too, it stinks the whole thing isn't translated, I don't think. It's about time he did another flash. And it was a ballerina too! I can't tell you how happy I am!
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Love it!!! That was so much fun! I wish I could understand Japanese though. Vut it wasn't much important to enjoy that.

Thanks for sharing.

kisses and hugs to all...

This is truly beautiful....
There is a lot of pretty art on that site.
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