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ohhh...your pregnant? ....NO she replys
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The leaves were falling slowly and listlessly to the ground as Michael drove his Harley down Blue Heron Drive, toward his large palatial mansion. He had been gone for a few hours, but he couldn't stand the sound of the construction in his home anymore. He had been coasting for two years with his wife, constantly delaying her inquiries about why he wouldn't get a job with replies like "I'm a writer, I'm just waiting for an idea". She, on the other hand, had built a very successful career as a lawyer and had financially carried them for going on two years now. As he pulled into the driveway of their home and dismounted his motorcycle, he took off his helmet and allowed his long black hair to fall from it's prison, laying atop his
that indeed, the construction workers had completed whatever they had been working on. They had been working in the spare room of the home endlessly, and now all he could see was a pink door that was shut. His wife had told him that the finished product would be a surprise for him and that he couldn't go in until she took him in there. He sighed and sat on the couch. For the entire time that construction had been going on, hundreds of packages had come in requiring his signature, and all these were now put away, he assumed by his wife. He sat down, waiting for her to arrive and show him his "surpriseshoulders carelessly. He entered their home and found
that indeed, the construction workers had completed whatever they had been working on. They had been working in the spare room of the home endlessly, and now all he could see was a pink door that was shut. His wife had told him that the finished product would be a surprise for him and that he couldn't go in until she took him in there. He sighed and sat on the couch. For the entire time that construction had been going on, hundreds of packages had come in requiring his signature, and all these were now put away, he assumed by his wife. He sat down, waiting for her to arrive and show him his "surprise
the wall paper is far from dismal at one hundred pound a roll ...she never fails to suprise me on the ways to feel at home and feel me in the wallet as well as the good fumble at my denim
he turned to see her standing there, wondering why she has such a mischevious look upon her face. He notices something pink and frilly, as he raises a brow in inquisition. : he begins, with something of a hint of frusteration in his voice, almost annoyed by the entire ordeal  : he stands, waiting for her to reveal her surprise to him, wondering silently to himself just what she could have done and what would take so long to accomplish::
darling ...she says you know how we have had some realy special times together....well im about to give you some thing that is realy special.....its some thing i want for us both... you work so hard darling and very little time to relax and take the weight off of your sholders...with a slight glint in her eyes you sence a little nervisness and possably a bit hesetent as to what she is trying to she sits on the window sill leening forwards arms folded resting on her knees she wispers gentily...i love you so much and would love for you to play with me
 : well, I do work would be nice to take the edge off a little... : Okay,  : I'll play with you....  :
she stands up releving him of his tie aand unwound the the knot....turn round darling.....turning round she places the tie around hie eyes and blacks out his vision......woooow he says with a slight hesetent but understanding displasment....turning him around he hears the the sitting room door open and a slight tug on his hands....understandingly he starts to walk knowingly in to the hall way.....he hears what he thinks is the diningroom door open and a slight tug ....stop here darling as i make one slight adjustment.....ok he replys.....he heres the door close and what seems to sound like it locking.....this sound disturbed him greatly and wipped off his blind fold................
:: During the entire process, his grin is almost glued in place as if frozen there. He truly believes that he has gotten away with never working or contributing. As he is blindfolded and led through the house, he takes small steps...intent on keeping his footing and not tripping. He hears the door close and lock, and then suddenly and without warning, the blindfold is removed quickly. For a moment, he blinks his eyes, trying to adjust to the light. Then, as if it comes to him suddenly, he realizes that it's not the light but the color in the room that is causing his vision problems. A moment later, his eyes adjust and he sees that he is standing in their guest bedroom, or at least, what had been their guest bedroom at one time. The walls have been painted a pale pink with several
nursery wall decorations tacked up. He sees a large crib, pink and white in color and decor, then next to it the large walk in closet cannot close all the way for the dresses, rompers, and playsuits pushing their way to freedom. He sees a dresser, with tabs on the fron of each drawer titled "Bonnets", " Booties", "Hair Ribbons", and "Bibs". His vision then trails to the large bay window, and directly in front of it, a changing table. He sees that there are literally so many diapers there, that the stacks are falling out of the storage space under the changing table. Next to this is a diaper pail, also pink with white letters spelling "Baby Brianna" across it. Next, he sees a playpen filled with lots and lots of dolls and other baby toys. Finally, he turns and by the door he sees a
baby's bouncer sitting there, next to a pink and white rocking horse. This all, understandably, takes him a minute to digest. Then finally, he takes a step forward, on the soft plush white carpeting and smiles, yelling and hugging her tightly  : he yells. Not noticing that everything is a little too large for a baby, but that was common for him to miss the details of things : he yells again, in continued joy and elation ::
oh darling...your so happy....i cannot beleve it .....oh my darling you are so wrong my hunny bunny...ohhhh as she gives him a big hug......slightly smotherd in her buzzum he murmers......wrong about what...slidhtly muffled voice deep in her deep red woolen darling ...darling baby briana......this is for you ....from me with a slight giggle
im not pregnant
 : ha..... : surely, you're kidding.  0: You can't be serious....I'm I"m not a baby....especially not a baby girl.....You're kidding....
 1: this....this is not my room is upstairs....with you..... 2: 1
trying to open the door from the inside he noticed the key was missing from the solid oke door. darling ....i have spent a lot of time and money in to you for a long least give me some thing i want ...
 3: I would do anything for you, anything...but this... 4: You can't ask me to do this...this is too extreme.... 5:
this is some thing i have put a lot of time and efort in too....walking over to him she places her rms round hi waste...drawing hin closer she continues to explain that this is not an ask but a reqwest...please honey..dont knock what you have never tryed befor...sliding her hnd roung his waste whilst leaning over to kiss him on the lips she reaches his belt and slowly and gentily takes the black leather strap from its holster with a jerking movement un clips his belt from the pin
 6: But...but....what will people think....I can't be serious about this... 7: I have a reputation....I'm known.... 8: I....I just don't want to do this...:: he says with finality. The finality in his voice being more than audible, and causing her to get
upset now, as the gentle way that she was trying to go about this was obviously not working. Suddenly, he felt a sharp sting in his bottom and a loud cracking sound. He moved his hands to his buttocks, holding the burning skin there as she spanked him again with the belt. He fell, naked, to the plush baby carpet, clutching his bottom and whining loudly...looking pathetic and worthless lying there on a rug that says "Baby" , clutching his butt and crying like a baby girl. This would remind her of how he acted on a regular basis, like an infant. ::
now then briana this is what it is come ing to is disobaying me little maddam......
while still on the floor she stands on his jeans preventing him from compleatly standing up he can only sit up...and that is egsactly what he did.....
taking full advantage of his position she pulled gis denim shirt and his vest in one upwards motion tug ...his arms came up to cover his face thinking another strike was imminent...the clothing came away from his body reveeling his chest with very little hair and as white as the dresser with all his tena slip maxi diapers in....thats much better..she says
 9: Please, please don't go through with this... 0: Please, I'll get a job, I'll work constantly, I'll do anything...just please don't go through with this....::he whined as he tried to cover his genitals with his hands again. he looked over at the changing table, and saw that there were countless neighbors walking by the window, enjoying the fall weather. He saw that layin atop
the changing table was a pink diaper, laid out and awaiting him. The front panel was visible and he saw a large picture of Cinderella on the front. He began to weep, tears flowing from his eyes. He knew that she was physically stronger than him and could easily manhandle him onto the changing table, but he hoped that she wouldn't, as he continued to plead and whine babyishly::
(( yes ma'am. you deserve a round of applause, definitely one of the best roleplayers I've ever had the pleasure of playing with.
up you come my little cherub....lifting him up off of the floor and turning him 90* he stumbles a little back so his bum rests against the table him a more than slight push he flops on to the table with the changing mat crinckling with his weight being aplyed.....OHHHHH THATS COLD he wimpers......giggling i rub his chest with comforting hands and a nice little SLAP he gives out an almighty UGHHH and curls up in what he thinks is pain but the slap was mor loud than it was pain but the shock of it mever the less gave the perfect oppertunity to possition the bambino diaper in place and his legs finaly came to rest dangling off the table she folds the diaper over his crotch and folds it neetly over his tummy........trying
to draw the diaper away from him she tickles under his arms whhich made him roar with laughter and curled up once again.....
taking full advantage she draws back the tabs and seals the diaper shut ....krincling and rustling was emiting from the diaper that made her feel rather please but not yet satisfied at the out come...she wanted to go further
she wanted to go al the way and with a loving smile she said
there there now...what was al that comotion about...all done my widdle cherrub
:: he tried to steady himself and was soon thrown up onto the changing table. The changing mat crinkling loudly under him and the cold material chilling his bottom. Before he knew it, his legs were hoisted high into the air by his much stronger wife. He turned his head and saw people outside the window staring into his home, hoping for a better view of what was happening. And then, it was over, as he felt the diaper taped snugly across his stomach. he looked down and saw the cartoon princess dancing across the front of the diaper. It was this sight, more than anything else, that caused his face to burn red with humiliation. He wiped the tears from his cheeks with angry hands and pushed his long hair out of his face to look up at her. As she baby talked him, he felt his face show
anger that he felt so strongly. He blushed even deeper and spoke, his voice cracking from his efforts to contain his rage. 1: he asked sarcastically, immediately regretting the fact that he opened his mouth. 2: she asked, laughing. She waved out the window at their neighbors proudly as he hid his face with his hands in shame::
felling the public presents made all this worth wile......ohhh how he now she looked so adorable and cute....the peopleoutside full of aw like gestures and the occasional giggle could be he sat up haistely to speak out she placed a rathe big dummy in to his mouth and made him aotomaticly close his mouth....a small rubber band went round his haed to hold it in place...he tryed to remove it but got his fingers slapped....NO DARLING....repeated ly he trys to remove his dummy and burmering something at the same time but muffled....NO MY SWEET PEE.....LEAVE IT ALONE....she replyed......with a big sasp of air in throught his nose and exhailed through his nose he remained sat on the table with his sholders drooped low he gives a littleer
gives a little murmer
hearing the neighbors that he had bothered so many times laughing at him caused his eyes to well up with tears once again. As he opened his mouth to protest everything that was happening to him, a large rubber dummy was shoved into his mouth. He tried to speak around it but found it impossible as he lowered his head and shoulders in shame, sitting before his wife and neighbors in naught but a nappy and dummy. His hands stinging from the slaps, he felt the humiliation rising in his body, causing him to shudder. He wondered how far she had much money had she spent? As she laughed at him, he looked around the nursery at all of the baby equipment and clothing. He saw her walk back and from the drawer of the dresser, remove a digital camera. He immediately raised his hands
to cover his face, and when he did, he felt something rub against his naked leg. he looked down and picked up the folded pamphlet, the title causing his eyes to go wide with fear " Little Angels Nursery School". he dropped it to the floor in fear as her words from months came hauntingly back into his mind...." you need to find something to do while I'm at work during the day" she had said....he had ignored this request and ....he tried to chase the thought from his mind as he heard the beep of the camera powering on. He looked up instinctively, and saw her aiming the camera to take pictures. He covered his face again with his hands, unable to verbally protest due to the large dummy currently wedged into his mouth::
as she pointed the camera she said DARLING WHICH DRESS DO YOU WANT TO WEAR.......the thought of the dress aroused his suspition and curiosity got the better of him and took a quick peek....FLASH.....awww you darling ...i got a lovely picture of you she smiled the horror of what just happened made his tears flood out and his hands droop to his knees......FLASH.....oh there...that is perfect ...she said....walking over to the window she shows the now loitering crowd at the window a look at the proud pictures and frimly makeing sure the curtains were fullyopen she returns putting the camera in the top draw of the dresser....and picking up the lovely blue and white satin dress with fill lace and a thick pettie coat all white with pink edging over to the table baby little girl is so handsome isnt she ....she bellows to the onlookers and like at a football match or a game show host they all reply YEEEEES....
scrumpling up the dress to the point where a gapping hole was showing ...she slowly walked towards him and the crowd was getting louder as she got nearer and nearer ....his hair drooped forward in recognition she was about to put a dress on she lifted the dress the crowed started to whistle and chand....over his head the dress went with very little resistanse and the crowd roared with satisfaction and and most of them had their mobile phones out and some had dashed off to return with cam recorders..
pulling his arms rhrough the loose dress she walks round the back of him amd tugged realy harshly the draw strings and olmost knocked the breath out of him
tieing off the strings she got two wery small wire loops coated in plastic and placed them togeather and sealed them togeather with a small tiny padlock
and placed the key into her pocket
::he lowered his head for the dress, hoping that maybe at least the crowd would disperse once his protesting was done. As she tied the “cry baby” straps behind him, he felt himself begin to get angry all over again. Once everything was tied behind him, she stepped back to admire her handy work, causing him to immediately try to pull off the dress, only to find that she had effectively locked it in place. As he tried and tried to get it off, he heard the crowd outside begin to die down, wondering if they were all dispersing or simply quieting down to watch his further regression into sissy baby humiliation. He looked up at her through angry eyes and shook his head in protest, hoping that she would understand his point while he was verbally incapacitated by the dummy. She only smiled
and patted his head 4: she cooed  5 6:
she said as she retreived**
aawww my cute widdle dawling awww pwetty and wedy for fow her white tights wf dimond patten on dem....awwwww
as she plases each foot in place and roled up to his knees and stopped there.......she went to the dressing table and retreaved a box that was white and had the words MARRY JANE on the she lifted the lid off of the box nd moved the trasing paper aside to reveal a black pair of leather shiny shoes that he remembed the girls at school wore .......t-bar classic mary janes 2
placeing ime on each foot and doing up the buckle so they were nice and snug she pulled him off the table and continued to lift his gights up and over his diaper
hi sweeties.
have a wonderful day and please read my posts and it would be very nice if you could write a comment of how it was for you 
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Dat a pwetty thory
I wub being babysissygirl Kimmi but me want a mama and a sister to teach me how cock tastes

 Dat a pwetty thory  

thank you darling... this was a roll play i had.
hi sweeties.
have a wonderful day and please read my posts and it would be very nice if you could write a comment of how it was for you 
Little did the NEW babygirl know,but his mommy had now setup her first pediatrician appointment.Baby Becky,would now be put into her new stroller,covered up nice and warm with a cute pink blankie.Cute baby becky continued to whine and fuss through her pacifier,as mommy picked her up off the changing table and put her into her stroller.As Becky was laying on her back in the stroller,mommy walked away,and said she had to make up 2 baby bottles of formula for her NEW babygirl,one for the trip to the office and then one for the trip back home!!!!When her mommy came back,she immediatly removed the pacifier from Beckys mouth, put it into her diaper bag,and put in her FIRST bottle of TRUE baby formula.Mommy then looked in at little Becky,and told her to continue to nurse her bottle,until all gone.Mommy then proceeded to push the stroller down the street,and told Cute Becky,we only need to go a couple blocks honey pie,then we will be at the doctors office.Cute Becky noticed alot of people mostly other females,as the stroller was being pushed,taking to her mommy.Then looking down at baby Becky,in her stroller,saying awww such a Cute babygirl.Becky could feel her face turning bright red,as other females were looking down at her.Cute Becky didn't know how long it took to get to her NEW pediatricians office,but felt like forever!!!Mommy pushed the stroller through the door,then up to the front window to check in.Becky could hear her mommy talking but couldn't understand what was being said.Becky then felt the stroller moving again,but this time only a little.Becky was surprised to be seeing very nurseryish scenes painted on the ceiling of the office,while she was laying on her back in the stroller.Then Becky saw her mommy looking in on her in the stroller,talking very baby talk to Becky.Aww wittle baby does she wikes what she sees up there on ceiling,as mommy pulls the bottle from me,to see how I was doing.Mommy then tells me,awww the wittle baby gurl is almost done wit her first baba for mommy!!!Mommy then begins talking to another mommy,in the waiting room.I hear her say,I am sure I am going to have a very wet little baby girl here before we go into see the doctor.I will need to change her for sure,during her FIRST exam.The other mommy,says that there is a changing table area over at the end of the waiting room,around the half wall there with everything you may need including the diapers.Mommy then says,thank you for the information,but I will just change her,in the exam room.I then hear someone say,baby CUTE BECKY.Mommy then says well its our turn baby,as i feel the stroller being push again,and I watch as I pass by everthing babyish on the ceiling.I am wheeled through a door,and mommy starts to remove my blankie,and lift me out of the stroller.I see a very young blonde nurse(I say about 22),tell my mommy to remove all my clothes,and just keep the little babies diaper.I feel mommy now put me on the exam table,and put my pacifier back into my mouth as I begin to nurse it again(without being told to).Mommy then begins to remove my shoes then my tights,as I feel them going down my legs,and then off.Mommy then sits me up,and starts to lift my dress up,and puts my arms up to remove the dress.I feel all the ruffles,going up me and over my head.I am now just in my diapers,nursing my pacifier.The nurse then tells mommy to lay me on my back on the baby scale.We need to get babies NEWBORN weight documented here in her chart.The nurse then comes over to the scale,as I begin to fill my diapers with pee.I am surprised,when it begins to happen,and I can't stop it.Both the nurse and mommy hear it.The nurse then says to mommy,let's just let the babygirl finish her business,as they both begin to smile down at me.Mommy then moves her hand to my diaper and smiles.
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