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Hello sissies.  I've been curious about trying out sissy and femmy things for a while now and thought that getting tips from the experienced would be the best thing to do.  To start out with I think I'd just like to get some girlish clothes like panties and stockings and maybe a cute dress to go with them.  Can anyone recommend a discreet online site that would be good for a first timer?  
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Hello Curious Newbie:

If I were you I would go to any good department store, i.e. Khol's, J.C. Penney, Macy's, etc and then head for the lingerie section and buy whatever turns you on. It helps if you know what size to buy, though. The only time I ever bought anything on line was, when the item I wanted wasn't available in stores. Unfortunately that item, full-length pantliners, apparently are no longer available anywhere.

Dresses? A problem here is, where do you try them on? You might have to take them to the men's area, as stores generally don't like it if you try things on in the women's area.

Best wishes for 2015, and welcome to Sissykiss!
Thanks.  Hope next year is good for you too.  After measuring I've found that my hips are 32" and my waist is 29."  I don't think I could actually handle going into a store to pick out something like this which is why I would prefer finding a nice online store.  I guess picking out a dress is a bit harder.  I know that trying some on to find one that fits nice would be best but I figured as long as I knew a general size then I could find something that would fit well enough.
Hi Lil Chrissie :) You can try ordering from a mail order catalog like Sears, I got my Mary Jane shoes from them and I have size 11 feet lol Also try Google to find dresses, there are many site that sell sweet dresses. I used to shop online at, for my dresses, but I am big and had to pay a lot to get them. You sound small enough to order right off the rack and Sears has size charts so you can figure out the size you need. Good luck and enjoy your first new dress honey :)
Baby Butch
Hello and welcome to Sissy Kiss. The stores Prissie mentions also have online stores you can order from. No one knows who you are that way.
I recommend Target and Walmart for even lower prices.

Here is a great site for women's panties, slips, and stockings.
also sweetie, if you do try anything on in the store and you have to go to the mens section, just do what I do and grab  a shirt and some jeans off the rack and put them on top of your girly clothes, so it looks like you are trying on only mens clothing. Even if you aren't going to buy girly clothes in the store, you will at least get a good idea of what size you are, and then order online. Now, as far as discretion is concerned, I usually shop on ebay for custom garments, and it will usually say in the item description something about how it will be shipped. That or you can always just contact seller and ask before purchasing. I hope this helps at least a little bit.
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