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Hi all,

Just wanted to mention, I have added a new page to my profile. It has some examples of my 3D artwork, things I thought might be girlie enough for SissyKiss.

To see it here, go to my profile and click the "3D art" link at the top of my profile page.

You can see the pieces much larger on my deviantART account (follow the link on my profile) but you need to be a member of deviantART, and listed there as being "adult" to view any that I have marked as "mature content" sorry about that. If you really like a certain piece, and can't see it in full size on dA, and don't want to join dA, email me and I'll send a copy.

leave a note on my profile to tell me what you think, if you like.
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you can find the link to my deviantART page in a couple of places. but I'm not sure which link you mean, the one to deviantART or the one to get to my sissykiss art page.

The link to my SissyKiss art page is at the top of my profile, along the very top edge there is a list of things, Profile, My Homepage, Blog, Network, Forum Profile, 3D Art. If you click the 3D art one it will take you to my 3D art page here.

The link to deviantART is listed in the Links Box on my main profile page. It is also on the 3D art page in a box labeled LINK right at the top.

I hope this answers the question.

bad wittle girlie needs a spanking
Your models are really good! You've got the human body down perfectly. Plus some of your other work is really good (I enjoyed the spaceships).

May I ask what program you use? I assume 3ds Max but I'm probably wrong.

click to go to my website!
I use Daz Studio for the human figures (Daz Studio is free, much of the content (models and props are NOT free, but some are, and it can also use Poser figures and props, many of which ARE free, heres the linky thingy to get your free Daz Studio: )

I also use Bryce 5 (which Daz WAS giving away free up until september of 2006, but they don't do that anymore) for backgrounds, terrains, interiors and other basic model shapes.

And I use some of the premade objects included with Carrara Pro 5. And sometimes Photoshop 5 for minor post processing (brightness/contrast, overlaying and other things like that)

I can't take alot of credit for the human figures, as they are either Daz Studio or Poser models, but I do tweak them and apply different mats and clothes and other changes to them... its a bit complex at first, but its also fun to dress and pose the figures just the way you want them :)

Bryce will imprt 3d studio max files, and I think some of the spaceships might be 3dsmax files. They could also be Lightwave or a couple other formats that Bryce can import. needless to say, I LOVE Bryce!!!

I really appreciate the compliments. I plan to do some pieces specially for posting here, stuff in a more sissy style, in they near future.

Thanks and huggies

bad wittle girlie needs a spanking
Great link, thanks for sharing  
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