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PG Crying
How often do you cry, and over what?
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Hello, everyone.
I am a new member, and I was wondering how many here cry easily, and over what.  When I was a bed-wetting child, I cried often and with little provocation. Two reasons why the other kids called me names like 'sissy'.
As I grew older, I learned to suppress my tears in an attempt to prove to others that I wasn't a sissy.
Now, I regret it. I want to be in touch with, and express, my deep feelings without feeling uncomfortable. I don't care any longer if a guy is considered a sissy if he shows his emotions or cries once a while. Sure, I like baseball as much as the next guy, but like everyone else, I am not a one-dimensional character in a poorly-written play.
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 yeah i used to cry easy but i am overly emontionly. I'll cry when im get scard when im hurt, or someone i love is hurt, or when im confsed.  Because of this i was nickname crybaby i think it fits now.  My emotion are like a baby i was sweets and kind i love easy but sometime ill cry ive excepted myself. But  it was hard eaciply in a black/native American family so when i was a kid. I also had to lock my feelings away becuse they made other mad at me. oh and i like hockey and art   
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