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Either faking a bladder ailment or being open about my ABDL side...
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So basically here are my options for going onto an online babysitter directory:

1. Openly post that I'm into ABDL and looking for a babysitter. (No chance in Hell.)
2. Post that I am an adult with a bladder ailment, either temporary, recurring or permanent (though I'm lying it's somewhat more preferable.)
3. Post looking for a babysitter for my imaginary toddler child, but when they come over say: Okay, this is really embarrassing, but it's better said in person, I have a bladder condition, but I can't change myself very well, and I have no baby powder or oil, so I need a babysitter to prevent a rash. If you refuse I definitely understand, but please know that I'm a bit frail and could really use the help.
4. Say the above over the phone to her, if face-to-face would be too much.
5. Privately contact each individual babysitter and discretely explain my situation (whatever that may be) and see what sticks.
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Baby Butch

My advice would be to use caution if you do this. Not everyone is what they appear to be and you could put yourself in danger. Real adult babysitters are very expensive, like $150 an hour.


You might even be arrested if not careful. Many states would consider this sexual in nature, like soliciting for a prostitute is. 


Chosing a reguler babysitter online is very likely to get you in trouble if you expect the person to change your diapers. Find a friend and role play the idea.

Some people prey upon those who are different and would hurt them.

I could not agree more with Baby Butch on this. If you wait until they are at you door before telling them, you WILL be arrested and have to register as a sex offender. PERIOD. Weather or not you believe it is right or wrong, the fact is you will be arrested. You do not want to go there.
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