PG Considering experimenting with being diapered 24/7
Thoughts about trying being diapered full time, including at work.
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I'm contemplating going 24/7 into diapers.

Now, I've done the true "24/7" thing on vacation before, the moment I leave from my last shift of work switch to diapers and don't use the potty or wear panties until I'm getting dressed for work a week or two later.

However, my concern is with being at work.  I really, really don't want to change my diaper at work in the restroom in the office.  I also really don't want to go #2 in my diaper at work and have co-workers smell it.

What I'm thinking of is going for adult pull-ups in the day, and wearing but not actually wetting, and still using the work potty for #1 and #2, and letting go when I'm not at work and when I get back from work changing into regular disposable diapers, and do this for a while to see if I like it or if I just go back to my panties during the daytime (I'm already diapered for bed every night).

Has anybody ever done anything like this?
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Dear SissyLiljo:

Two weeks is amazing!  My record for not using potty at all is 5 days.

I have however gone an entire month in diapees, but not using 'em (much) in public.  I'm like you and I'd certainly never expose the public to #2 in close quarters, but a I like to go the point where I spritz a little before reluctantly visiting potty.  And I always carry extras in my backpack for emergencies like disgusting potties I'd never dream of sitting on.  Yes, I always sit to pee :) .
I have worn nothing but Molicares for the last almost 6 yrs now.  I only use the restroom for number 2 when people are around and have almost no control for number 1 (nerve damage from diabetes).  It is quite a secure feeling knowing that I am not in control of when I go, but also knowing that it doesn't matter.

Yeah,  I went two weeks once, I realize that's a story for another thread, so I'll post one about that.

Of course you better be sitting to pee, I can't remember the last time I peed like a boy, sometime around early 1999 I think.  The very idea of peeing standing up seems weird to me now, as awkward as the idea of wearing boys underwear.
How about using a pampers size 6 stuffer in the diaper that you use for work and just replacing it with another when it gets full. That way you have the protection of the larger diaper and can easily discard the pamper in the trash.  Or do that and then when the pamper gets full just remove it and use the diaper till lunch then leave work and go to a safe public bathroom to change into a dry pamper and diaper.  Its worked for me lots of times.  As far a messing in public thats a tough one, but maybe train your body and time void by messing on the potty before putting your work diaper on and then at lunch before putting your afternoon diaper on.
I'm not 24/7 yet but I'm working towards it. I have finally worked up the courage and worn diapers to work. I'm going slowly and enjoying the process and getting used to wearing diapers all the time. Right now I'm diapered  almost all the time I'm not at work. Wearing diapers at work is still scary, but I'm getting there. I rarely mess in public but if I have to go I usually go. And then change as soon as possible or go home. However, I sometimes chicken out and use the bathroom.  This is so frustrating because I love wearing diapers. I don't know if I will be able to go 24/7, but l'm close and not giving up. The thought of being truly diaper dependent scares and excites me. I still have control over number one but I am getting to the point we're I have trouble holding it if I have to go real bad.  Time will tell.
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