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Dull pain after failed "sexperiment".
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Hello! I'm new to attempting anal sex, so I thougt I would ask people likely to have a bit of experience under their belt about a discomfort I'm feeling..

So, me and my Daddy tried anal sex for the first time yesterday, we used plenty of lube, and he isn't exactly huge, but I wasn't prepared well enough I guess, because right after the first thrust, I felt like I had a hemmerroid, so my Daddy pulled out, and calmed me down... 

There was (and still is) no blood, and eventually the pain subsided, so now it's just a bit sore...  But today I feel this very dull soreness on the right side of my stomach...
it doesn't feel quite like normal gas pain, as it seems consistant, and isn't really moving, but then again I am consistantly passing gas, which suggests I have a bit of gas in there...

Is this something I should worry about, and should I see a Doctor?
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having problems in this area, for other reasons, and knowing some of the consequences, I would strongly suggest a Proctoligist or other doctor.
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