coming out two times to the same person
Sorry for the wording I had to write it like I was two people
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My best friend is this girl named Kate we have been friend for 7 year now. I run in to her at a club that a go to when I am Alice. She never knew me as Alice she knew me as Tim. The offbeat girly guy that is one of her best friends. That night Alice and kate started talk and they hit it off. The weird thing is she could not tell it was me. That night ended with me giving her my other email address. kate and Alice started talk more and became good friends. Now she thinks that I should meet her Transgender friend and if I say no it make me look like a hater and that would make her mad at me. The two things that stops me from telling her is that I like her a lot and she likes Tim a lot to but if I come out to her I think she would stop liking me like that and that would make me very sad or it my hurt my friendship because I never told her. So should I come out to her or should I not.
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Its not really as bigger problem as you think ,deep in your heart you know no matter what, you two are made for each other dont waste time and stop worrying and just do it.she may stop liking you and probably start loving you .how lucky is she to have the best of both worlds .xxx
Keeping it from her isn't fair to either of you...It causes you to be uncomfortable, or, in this case, very worried. It is important that she knows who you are, and she will likely be very accepting. The choice is yours, of course. Best of luck.
I made me little mind up and I am going to tell her. I will write about how it truns out.

Huges from tim and Alice
Wow that is quite a problem. Sounds like a tv sitcom story. I would just let her know and let her know why you didn't tell her right away.

I think she will most likely understand and (I guess there is a few ways to look at this) now she can always hang out with both Tim and Alice whenever she is with one. Two friends for the price of one  

Let us know how things work out I'm thinking it won't be as bad as you feared 
come on, alice! what happened? have you told her yet? the suspense is killing me.

my best friend still doesnt know. and unless the two of us get engaged, she probly never will. shes big time religious and makes it rather clear about her stance on such things.
i am brittany her royal puffiness!!!

im officially in love with the color pink.

*hugs and kisses for all*
Ok hear how it went. I talk to her the day after may last post. We talk for like 4 hour about it. At frist she was mad very mad. I talk her down form kill me. then we talk about it. She was mad that I do not tell her. But I told her I do not tell her because I like her and do not want her not to like my because of it. She look at my with a funny look and then she slap my in the back of the head and she said that it would not matter and she call me stupid. Then we talk about some other thing. now we are best of friends and now we talk a lot more about thing and we now can go shoping together.

But in the time it took me to tell her how i like her she is dating another guy

Huges for tim and alice
thats really a bitter sweet ending, you get her as a best friend and shes ok with it, but shes already with another guy now..... i really am not sure whether to say congratz on it going well or im sorry that it was too late for that.... i just hope youre happy overall and wish you the best of luck ^.^
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