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Is there some trick getting this to work? I upgraded to the version of Java it wants, rebooted, made sure java was enabled in IE (at least, I think is, I've got Java(Sun) checked in the advanced options page) and it don't work. It says successful, logging in - and then - nothing. The java chat window works for me on the DialyDiapers space, so java must be enabled. Why can't I get it work here?

Also, why do I keep getting logged out? I can be sitting here reading forums, exploring the site (I just signed up last night), and then I"ll noticed the page will be saying I'm browsing the forums as a guest, when I few minutes ago I had been logged in. Does anyone else have this happen?

Any help would be appreciated.
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Femme Boy
Welcome to SK twisted girl, I'm not sure what to tell you concerning the first issue you mentioned. Regarding the second issue you mentioned that happens to me too, from what I know it's a cookie issue with the computer. Sometimes when I take long to type a PM in this forum it will be as though I wasn't logged in even though I was. Since I'm not a computer tech all I know to do about it is log back in.
I am having the same problems as Twisted Girl with regards to entering the chat room, just get 'sucessfully logged in' and that is it. I will check Java again, but I am sure it is ok.


~*Christie Luv*~
I PM'd Twisted Girl and it turns out the problem was Norton Anti Virus was interferring with it so maybe you can see if there are any anti virus programs you can turn off temporarily. Also check for any firewalls.

Also this is for how Twisted Girl is getting logged out in the forum. Remember to press the "Remember Me" check box when logging in. That can happen when its not checked. You can also try clearing your cookies because it can happen from cookies not agreeing with other cookies. I'm not meaning the yummy kind of cookie *giggle*
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