PG Chat Connection Issues?
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 So I notice that we've moved back to Xat recently. Yay! Glad for that. :) But recently I've been unable to connect to the chat at all. I'm always stuck at Connecting and no matter how long I wait nothing happens. Just wondering if this is solely a problem on my end or if anyone else is having some trouble as well?
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~*Christie Luv*~
Hi Kalisto! Well it loaded pretty fast for me, and how fast it loads isn't a part of Sissy Kiss. It's coming from the Xat website. Is it loading slowly for anyone else?
@ ~*Christie Luv*~

Oh dang. :( I was worried the problem was solely on my end. Not sure what it could be. I was still on the Xat chat from time to time even after SK stopped using it. I've had no issues until very recently. Hopefully it's temporary but it's shown no signs of stopping anytime soon. I'll keep fiddling and see if I can figure it out. Thanks!
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