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PG Chastity
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Hey gals,

 I was wondering if any of you out there wear chastity. I've been thinking of getting one of the cbx's but I'm not sure what it would do under tight girly clothing. Will it be visible as a hard bulge? Is there a way to tuck it in with chastity on? Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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Since the CB devices are made of metal or plastic that does not compress or
as in the interior do not allow expansion the result is that there will be a
significant bulge present. Even if wearing compression or very tight formfitting
panties you will not be able to hide that bulge.
The only way to conceal the bulge would be to pad all around it enough that
the effect would be wearing oversized underwear and it would not really appear
to be all that natural.
If you were to pull the chastity down between the legs you would still have
an unnatural pubic bulge or with padding a crotch lower than what is normal
for your physical frame.
One type of chastity to avoid all this is a pair of leather shorts that have locks
on the waist band and leg bands . These shorts have an internal panel which
encases the penis (does not prevent an erection) but prevents penetration.
Rubbing and physical vibration is possible from the outside but penetration is not possible.
In review if wearing sweat pants no concern over the bulge.
If wearing fitted tight pants there is no real way to hide the bulge except
by wearing a padded panty still showing some degree of something being
Now if the Sissy is wearing a skirt or dress adequate coverage would be
provided - these garments are not worn tightly. A cute addition would be
a small collar of jingle bells attached to the CB.
If the color of the pants is white or a light pastel and unlined then the outline
of the chastity and/or padding would be most revealing.
The best part of keeping the male in check is wearing clothing that does show
an outline of the chastity device and the keyholder proudly showing off the
key to the individuals relief.

CB's are not for hiding - more so to demonstrate who has control and is the

wow ok thank you for the response. the cb would be for me and i don't have a mistress or master yet so i'd be the key holder and i'd have to  use the honor system. but i'm not sure if i want to go that extreme if i can't wear the tight girl clothes that i want to. otherwise whats the point of wearing girls clothes at all teehee.
little Chloe
There is a Chastity cage that forces you to be fem....
it forces the male parts into the tucking position and is made for 24hour use, you even need to pee like a girl.

only problem is its very expencive...£350+GBP (approx $500 USD)

if you wish i can find out the web address for you.

Tip for locks,

put key in a empty pop bottle.
fill with water
put in freezer till totally frozen.

when frozen take it out and allow it to melt at room temp.
when doing this lock yourself in the chastity devive.

you will not be able to escape it till the ice melts, could be many many hours, depends on size of bottle
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