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When I first started here some time ago, I was completely DL. But since becoming more of a sissy, I want to change my user name from the boyish goto123 to a more girly one. How can I do that? I don't want to be goto123 anymore. 

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~*Christie Luv*~
Hi sweetie! Oh yes we took care of this in PM. If anyone wants to change their Usernames they can contact me using the Sissy Kiss contact form or Private Messaging me.

Fem Prince C
If someone does this do you get the new username showing with "Formally oldusername" underneath it for a period?
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~*Christie Luv*~
Nope, all the places where your username once was is instantly switched to the new username, but you can make a message in your profile that you just switched usernames, or in your signature. You can also PM some people that you know to let them know.

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