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Thought it could be fun to put myself up for this, so use your imagination!

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Baby girls grow up so fast these days. It feels like only yesterday that mommy took you shopping to get that t-shirt, and now look at you! It won't be long 'til baby grows up into a big girl and then you'll love showing off your flat belly and perky boobies to the boys! Aww, don't blush about it.
Mina Silverwind
wow, mommies baby girl will someday be mommies bisexual daughter, if you have potty potty problems, mommy will have you as her baby girl forever, and have some of mommies milk.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
ashley is surprised to see the pull up fit her so well she diecides hmm i wonder what a little pee will do
*i had dreamt life was beauty and woke up and found out life was duty*
*it is better to be thought the fool and remain silent then to open your mouth and remove all doubt*

Jane looked down at her diaper as she felt that lovely warm feeling she got when she soaked her diaper. She was just about to enjoy a relaxing evening full of babyness when her apartment building's fire alarm went off. Someone started to bang on her door saying she had to leave right now and that the fire was on this floor. She had no choice but to leave without putting anything on.
Wow thanks everyone for the cappies :D you've made my week lol

 ashley is surprised to see the pull up fit her so well she diecides hmm i wonder what a little pee will do  

The little pee got bigger and bigger then she could no longer control it as it fulled the pull up.

That pretty much discribes the night i took this photo lol, I was stoked that they fit me, sometimes im glade i stoped growing at age 12.

I can do more of these if anyone wants me too or has some suggestions

"What the heck just happened?!?"

"You know full well," replied a mysterious figure walking into the room. "You broke the deal we made."

"Wh-Wh-what deal?"

"I gave you fortune, and in return you would act as my slave for that year." The person continued, "You've forgotten haven't you?"

Before he could respond, the figure continued. "We met once again, I was sure you would remember when I showed you YOUR signature on the agreement; alas, you fidget in new struck fear as you reminince upon newly reformed memories. Am I wrong?"

"N-n-no." he replied sheepishly, "I'll do whatever you need."

"Oh, that's a good thought you've got. However, if it were a week ago, you could've simply stayed as you were; but time passed and I now want a child, particularly young, to care for." She pulled off her hood to reveal long, curly, red hair. "You'll do just fine. Don't you worry one bit." She snickered.
The Beauty within hides Secrets from us allNature should be taken into the hands of those who will protect it. For those who abuse nature take the beauty and burn it all.
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