Candy Bar Doll Maker... Animate?
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Hello everyone!  

I have recently been introduced to the awesomeness that is the candy bar doll maker.

If you click around the options box on the lower right, you can get different models (anime, princess, greek goddesses, etc.). You can't mix and match between the models, but you are given so many options for each one that you can basically make your own dresses by mixing two or more things together! That is beyond awesome!

Getting to my point - I've noticed that some users here have animated dolls from that place (I think?). I don't mean they'll just blink the eyes or have objects go by in the background, I mean full blown animations. I found this little gem:

It mixes two of my loves, angels and transformation  

So I'm wondering how I could make something like this? Is this a hidden function in one of the makers, or is it a different maker, or do I have to sprite it myself with a regular GIF maker?
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I really can't help you, but thanks for the link to the dollmaker...I'm gonna have alot of fun!

In a semi-related off shoot, for dolls, is great. Huge variety!
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In a semi-related off shoot, for dolls, is great. Huge variety!  

Thankyou Oh So Sweet, This is a wonderful link! Check out the Tinkerbell doll and the Emma Watson doll. You are very well named. Gwenny
Here's a doll I just made on Well plus a little photoshopping. You'll have to guess what part they didn't have at the doll sight Gwenny
Hmmmm... I wonder? hehe

Bonbon is so cuuute!

And Eve has the same forehead jewel as Aqua! 0.o

I couldn't find anything on how people have been animating their candy bar dolls so much. There doesn't seem to be any information on the author's website about it.

I did find that doll palace has a premium service with a lot of animation tools, but I'm pretty sure that none of the dolls I've seen are from there... even if some do look similar.

I've made about 6 dolls so far  

I think I'll make a big thread to put them all in. I'm willing to bet I'll be making a lot more of these!
I used to like playing the dress-up games that they have on newgrounds. I highly suggest that you check them out.
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