When i came out
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Hello .. i was once caught in my mom's pantyhose *mm did those feel so good!* i was questioned seriously by her and she was not happy.. she let it luckily and was never thought about again.

My parents are heavy controll freaks on my life it has never been a family that much. anyway when i started school i generally enjoyed playing with the girls and found it fun. at high school they split the gender up which was when i realized the difference life could be * oh the missery * i liked bieng supportive and giving hugs. I was bieng called gay nd fag and things thats when i understood clearly i was different. thats when i realized girls have much more fun and such a more enjoyable life the clothes expression how they feel without getting inults. when i was 18 i did what i thought i could nevewr do i told my family that i know deep in my heart i am a girl and that i wish to be what i am.

That was a really hard day for me because i dident have any known experience behind how to explain to your family properly about how you feel i told my mom first she cried all day long *ouch* my father and my brother was the worst my brother insulted me my dad thought i had mental issues so he sent me to the family doc and i was seeying a gender psychiatrist who did give the approval of my tg dysphoria. So my mom i feel is ashamed at me my dasd doesent talk about it easier that way i guess. i myself feel stronger and much happier since my coming out and i wont let nothin get me down.

I spent a good few years struggling and coping with my feelings and decision making i know i wont turn back or regret any of this at the end of the day you are who you are you have to realize who you are before you can be happy with yourself and be happy around others .

Thank you for reading i am looking foward to getting to know you all better i do use msn messanger as well so if you would like to add me feel free love *hugs* *kisses* Star
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Though I'm not even considering a sex change I have always respect to those who are 24/7 by heart, mind, spirit but not body and dare to come out to change even that last part of themselves to finally becoming themselves.

Though, 1 question... very often those who change there gender finally don't change there partner preference.... you?
Peace, Star. Like I have said before, God made you, and he doesn't make mistakes. It will work out, hang in there.

Star, I am very sorry to hear your hardtimes with your family. It sounds like you are doing fine though. just remember, you are the person that lives your life, and don't let people get you down
Brave girl , you do have to be true to yourself ! , hope it all works out for yiu  
You can always find refuge in us and we will always support you if you need help!
Thankies very much girls i just feel so at home and accepted here its wonderfull to be with the ppl i love and relate to so much. You know what they say home is where the heart is hm ? well then i guess my home is here because my heart certainly is   ^.^

I feel wonderfull to be a part of this beautifull dream come true place looking foward to getting to know you all well

love * lots of huggies n sweet candy kisses * ~Star~
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