I was bullied by girls
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Hi everyone.

I was always a girly boy. When I was younger it didn't really matter much. I would always be skipping and playong hopscotch with the girls rather than rough games with the boys. Problems started when I was 15. Tanya and Amanda started to take money from me. They said that if I didn't pay them there would be trouble. One day I had forgotten my lunch money and they weren't happy. After school had finished I was walking past the girls toilets
and they grabbed me and forced me into one of the cubicles. 'Where's our money pansy boy' they shouted, and does your boyfriend give you cock,fairy boy?. Amanda held me down while Tanya laid into me. I started to cry. They said that if I didn't pay them both double tomorrow then they would make me suck their tits. I ran away and found a bench to rest. This really nice man asked me what was wrong. When I told him he invited me into his house and it wasn't long before our tongues were in each others mouths. The next thing I knew I was naked inside his bed. It was so nice to snuggle up to his hairy chest and for the time being I knew that I was safe from Tanya and Amanda.

I would love to hear from anyone who has had similar experiences or if anyone has any advice for me.

Lots of hugs and kisses


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Baby Butch
Don't have much advice, but I am glad to welcome you to Sissy Kiss.
little baby kristie
yea sorry no advice but welcome to sissy kiss no one here is like thatso you dont have to worry were nice people =)
Danii&Kristie forever
No. We're not into bullying here Princess Pansy and the only real advice I can give is be yourself and explore your emotions and sensuality.
"Best read ever. Honest"
A big warm hello and huggies to you
little dolly
yeah i second that be yourself and explore who and what you are you are a wonderful person and do not let anyone tell you otherwise...however...on the flip side i am aware that most all of us are rather soft/femi (Either or) but knowing how to defend ones self is a must in this day and age so i would also suggest doing so...

i was a small scrawny kid with glasses growing up kinda was that or get pushed around.
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