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Breast Growth
growing breast
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what does everyone know about naturesway breast growth products
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I have been using their products for about 9 months off and on ( as I can afford more). I am tall and slender, and had no chest. (37 inches under breast, and 38 inches over breast/nipple area). Now at 9 months, I am 37 under breast and 43 inches around the nipple area. I completely fill a 38B now, thought the band is a bit small. I sould wear a 40 band, but I cannot find a 40A where I live, and I just have not yet filled out enough to fill a 40B. Hopefully soon I can, and I will most likely finish what I have at that point as I cannot go much bigger before people start asking and taking more notice than they already have...
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sissy carrilee
 one thing you can do is try bra extenders with 38a's

I can never find the pretty bras over 38

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