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Babies are so messy!
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When I'm eating (mashed food only for babies!) I used the biggest serving spoon in the kitchen.  Don't know why it took me so long to thing of this, it seems so obvious.  I mean, compare the size of a normal spoon to a baby's mouth.  I use a spoon so big I have to eat around the edges of the spoon, and sometimes I get food on my nose :)

Also, I eat with my left hand since I'm a real klutz and in no way ambidextrous.  That is, at least until I give up and use my fingers to eat with :)

Gotta go now, for my mashed bananas and oatmeal *yummy* 'cuz I won't be able to use the keyboard afterwards.  Make sure you are wearing a bib for easy clean up :)
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Baby Butch
Interesting thoughts, sounds like you enjoy the baby food and know how to eat it properly.

Last time I ate real baby food it was stewed prunes. I could hardly eat the whole jar since it tasted yucky!
Excellent idea. I never thought of that but it makes perfect sense. I'll be sure to let my mommy know.  Tanks so much
Jennifer Funshine
That's a really great idea actually! I think I'm going to try eating with a giant spoon, an in my left hand too! *giggles* it'll certainly make for more interesting lunch times when I have my alphagetti's :P
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