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A cute Walter Lance Cartoon with regression ... is very silly too
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Here is a cute little cartoon a sweet baby friend of mine showed me.

It is rather silly, but the father is totally regressed to an infant in the Baby Machine.

It is produced by Walter Lance ... the same person who did Woody Wood Pecker.

Baby hopes all enjoy it as much as I did.

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  all those old cartoon,s are so cute When you look at what we have now . Great job THX dear  
May the Fun never END . giggles , Summer,s Hot How About You ,
Is it just me, or does the regressed adult figure bear a marked resemblance to Adolf Hitler? (Possibly timely, given the 1939 date) Thanks for finding this, dear.   It makes a fascinating addition, and I was impressed to note the quality of the animation from that period (not that I haven't seen cartoons of that era before, but not in what seems an age). That regression sequence was surprisingly graphic, as well.  
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cute video...DO you know of any others like this?
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