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hey all,

could some one help me im trying to post a pic or two but when i do it the image is so huge. Ive tried to make image smaller but when i hit the preview button its still big. I know ive been away from computers for awhile, i just hope its just me having a blond moment. lol anyway any help would be appriecated

sissy baby katy 
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Hi hun! We have a script that makes images in posts small enough that they do not stretch the layout of the website, but on the preview page we couldn't add the script there so images may be big there, but when they are posted they would be shrunk with a link added above the image which lets people see it in full size if they wanted.

if you post it, and it's still huge feel free to let me know.
Hi, I use the site to make my images about 150k before posting. Like Christie says, they only look large on the preview and not once on the forum.
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thanks for your help

sissy baby katy
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