What did you get for for black Friday?
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Well my wittle girlie girls did you venture out into the commercial **** storm that is black Friday? Did you have to fight off any rabid old ladies to get the sale price on that fabulous bag you wanted? Or take advantage of any unbeatable panty sales? I know this mistress braved the shopping malls, I saw a an unpassable deal on these delicious black leather open toed knee-hi boots. Open toed boots – now why didn't anyone think of those sooner? I mean c'mon its like the best of both worlds, I have the strength and power a boot provides, along with a nice high heel, perfect for walking all over any naughty wittle sissies with, with the flirtatious sensuality of exposing my sexy little painted toes... LOVE IT!

Kisses ~ Nalani 
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Baby Butch
No I did not go out into the madness of Black Friday, I did make plans to go see my cousin and had leftovers.
No I didn't see anything worth it this year. Black leather open toed knee-high boots sound great. Sadly most retail stores don't sell my size if they do it is the ugly ones in the store. I am sure you look wonderful in them. I might brave the stores on a slightly less crazy shopping day like the day after Christmas sale. Hopefully I will find some pretty things to buy with Christmas money.

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