All R Best and reliable prices for someone looking to transition?
Best place to get surgery, best breast curve givers... etc
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It's been on my mind for a solid 13 years now, and I actually been wanting to look into this.

If anyone has transitioned, or knows someone who has, and it has been successful, what are the best places to look into? Which places are cheap, but do professional jobs? What products work the best? What place has the best, yet still cheap hormones?

Pretty much, like a shopping list with prices here. I seriously have been considering it, but I want to know what works, who works best, and if prices anywhere are more reasonable than others without a cut in quality.

Edit: Oh, and one more thing in speaking of doctors..... would I see my regular doctor, or is there a special type of doctor you want to find for this kind of thing?....

*******I know to check with a doctor first. I just want a rough estimate on what I am looking at if I were to do this. I know about the 1 year as a female, 1 year with hormones and all that as well too.*******
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