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being paid money to allow yourself to be babied by someone
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Hey does anybody here know if you could get a job and that job that you would be getting payed for would be letting a person put a diaper on you, dress you up, and treat you like a baby girl and you would get payed to do this, does anybody here know of such thing or know if there is even a job like that and if there is does anyone know if there is a job like that available in Reisterstown MD 21136 ?
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There are people who do it. If you're meaning to do it yourself, I'd just warn that it could be very stressful and maybe even dangerous, so I wouldn't recommend entering into it lightly. Before anything you might want to consider seeing if one of the people who already do it are willing to talk to you about it.
I'd imagine it would essentially be some sort of specialised escort service, mean it could potentially be a job, but you may not have all that many clients. Moreover, you may find yourself getting into sticky situations which you'd rather not be in (someone getting a bit too into it and drugging you or forcing you to stay for longer effectively kidnapping you)
As the person above said, it's not something to enter lightly. I'd do my research if I were you.

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I'd think the other way around more likely, paying someone to put you in diapers, change you and such. At least I'd have guessed that supply and demand would show that to be the case. Have to be careful there too. But I really know nothing about what really happens. I'm too chicken to find out for sure!
It depends on your gender. A biological female would have more luck than a guy, for various reasons. (unless he was really attractive, then my mentally visualised luck-graphs get more complicated)
As others said - the supply of biological guys around willing to do that for free is so high that you would be really, really unlikely (if you are biologically male) do find someone who will pay you to do it! However, it is relatively easy to find the other way around - someone willing to be the dominant for pay. That can get dangerous though if you don't know the law well ... ever been arrested for prostitution?
thanks I will do some research on this topic so thank you very much everyone.
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