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i've been submissive all my life and i've toyed with some of the sissy and feminization fantasies, but in the last year i've been using a lot of feminization hypnosis products and it is really working! i was once almost completely a heterosexual male, albeit not the most virile specimen. But now i drool constantly over strong, handsome men and i--i want to be female! i want to be a submissive little sissy girl whose biggest joy in life is pleasing Men. My login is shrimpygimp, but i think i may change it to something more feminine, girly, and aluring. My given name is Lance. Any suggestions?
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Well welcome to the site sweetie! Hope you find yourself at home here <3
As for sissy names for Lance, why not err... Laura, Lisa or Lena? Those are the three that came to my mind ^_^

So lovely for you to join us! I see the problem as far as Lance. Much to masculine a name. I always suggest using a name witht he same first letter as that way you don't have to change your initials. In my case, my given name was francis, so convincing the Dept of Motor Vehicles they made a mistake on my drivers license was easy so now I have ID as frances.:) I would go with something as sweet as you, such as Laura.

Laura sounds nice to me, and at least that includes two of the letters. I can't think of anything closer-sounding except possibly for Lana (as in Lana Turner, which sounds awfully old-fashioned, though that may not bother you or even be an advantage).

I hope you have a lovely time here, anyway.   I'm sure many of us will be curious to hear about these hypnosis methods, not to mention where we can learn / download them.  
"When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
  W O W !! so many great names to choose from sweetie , just jump in there , giggles , here I meant . GO for it and Enjoy . 
May the Fun never END . giggles , Summer,s Hot How About You ,

   W O W !! so many great names to choose from sweetie , just jump in there , giggles , here I meant . GO for it and Enjoy .   

Hi I'm Tiffany Amber and I want more than anything to be a sissy girl. I just adore everything girlie and pretty. I want to spend me life as feminine and girlie as possible. I dress up as girlie as I can every day including make-up, nail polish, pierced earrings in my triple pierced ears, panties, and bras. I dream of being someome's sweet little sissy girl and hope someday to find the right Mommie or Daddie. Hugs and Kisses   to everyone. Love, Tiffany Amber.
Tiffany Amber
Welcome! You should feel right at home -- there are plenty of us who want to be submissive, feminine girly-girls. Some of us want to please women, rather than men, but we can all get along!

As for a name that's better suited to your true self, how about

Linette or Lynette (means Pretty One)
Lolita (speaks for itself!)
Lorelei (Enchanting Temptress)
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