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Francis was nervous and apprehensive.

His mommy was driving him over to the new babysitter's house which just happened to be on the way to her date's house as well. Her good friend Nicole had told her that she was willing to watch her sissy hubby whenever she wanted to go out and Lisa had complete faith in her friend. Known for her no-nonsense attitude and stern character, Lisa knew Nicole wouldn't tolerate any of Francis' silly whining or childish tantrums.

He was still upset and pouting over the fact that his mommy was going on another date, which naturally meant he'd be sent to bed early and unable to watch any TV or play with his toys. But in addition to that, on the way over, Mommy had hinted as to Nicole's nature which only added to Francis' anxiety.

Pulling up in front of a medium sized home in a well to do neighborhood, Mommy parked the car and came around to undo Francis' seat belt. Even that simple task was something that was forbidden for him to do and he had to sit and fidget while she bent over and undid the locking clasp.

As she did so, Francis' entire view was filled with his sexy mommy's big breasts and cleavage, only barely contained in the snug fitting white top she was wearing especially for her boyfriend today.

Francis whimpered as his little penis struggled within the restrictive confines of his chastity device but the fat rubber pacifier filling his mouth kept his protests appropriately muffled.

As soon as Francis stepped out of his mommy's SUV, the wind abruptly caught his short baby dress and blew it upwards, exposing his hairless, skinny legs but more importantly, his embarrassing diapers and plastic panties. He blushed furiously, even as he struggled to get his frilly yellow party dress under control.

Unknown to Francis, his sissyish squeals of frustration were being watched under the stern gaze of his babysitter, Nicole, from the other side of the living room window. To say that he was only making a greater spectacle of himself was a gross understatement!

After opening the front door and letting the mismatched couple into her house, Nicole greeted Lisa warmly and regarded Francis with her firm, unyielding stare. Looking up into the implacable visage of his new babysitter, Francis felt his diapers suddenly growing wet and warm with panic and apprehension.

"Thanks for taking Francis on such short notice," Lisa said as she hugged Nicole and soon took her leave.

When the door had closed behind her, Nicole put her hand on her hip and looked down at her new charge.

"I have one method and one method only to make sure that bedwetters and masturbators understand their place in this house," she said in a voice that could cut hardened steel, "And you're about to get better acquainted with my favorite piece of oak, Sissy-boy."

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glad shes not watching me right now
I wet myself just thinking about this. Stern babysitters are very intimidating.
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