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abit about me and what i need help with.
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well hi every one
I am baby jack but I also have a sissy baby girl side that I have never explored as I have been to scared of, I am trying to explor it more lately but been to scared to try and reach out to people.
I suppose the main thing I want at this moment is a mummy or (mummy gf) to baby me and well just normal abdl stuff but also help me explore my sissy baby girl side.
I might take the plunge and buy my self my first baby girl dress, diaper (nappy) cover and onesie tomorrow if I get the nerves to press buy and pay lol.

anyways hi and if any of you wants to message me please do so and if any of you can help me find that mummy I want and need or know how I can try then please let me know

thanks you all
baby jack aka sissy baby Candice xx
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Hi Candice, welcome to Sissy Kiss. You're in the right place if you want to explore your girly side. Unfortunately I can't help with finding a mummy but I will encourage you to take the plunge and buy yourself a cute baby girl outfit. If you do buy a dress I suggest that you look for one that's quite short. There are several reasons for this, firstly a short dress makes diaper changes easy, second if you like crawling it won't get under your knees and finally thick (and full) diapers look really cute peeping out from under a baby dress.
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Don't forget the frilly ruffled butt diaper cover and make sure it fits over
those doubled/tripled bulky diapers - the more the merrier to enhance
the baby elephant waddle walk (or crawl). Whether you add frilly ankle
sox mary janes and tights is up to you. Also the bonnet and pacifier
and the bestest part the thumbless mittens to prevent or keep you into
the diaper mischief fantasy. More fun if the outfit is locked on and you
need to search out the keys in time before your personal porta potty
becomes necessary to use.
Now you be a good baby and don't mess things up ya hear !
Oh the keys should be just out of reach - babies should not be playing
with things that they don't understand and how to use.
And before you diaper up make sure to stuff a couple of well placed
suppositories and enjoy a magnesium citrate fruit flavored cocktail.
Cheers !
Now - - - 
Now wait for it !
Vesuvius baby is about to erupt - WOW that was some fantasy !
thanks I looked on ebay and I took the plunge so to speak and brought my dress I am waiting on it now it said it is short as you suggested :P still abit nervus about my baby girl side tho plus I knew it would be hard to find a mummy just wish I could find one soon to make sure I am a good baby girl hehe.
@ sissywanabe2
 lol thnks I did get some ruffled diaper cover  as well I cant afford all that u mentioned yet tho not 100% sure I would unless I had a mummy to ether get it for me and dress me in it.
and what a fantasy hmm il keep that one in mind for oneday lol
Baby Butch
 Welcome to Sissy Kiss from a big baby!

I like being a baby boy or baby girl as long as I am a baby.

I feel the same thank you for this welcome I have to say I do like a lot of your posts your captions pics and storys :) looking forward to the next ones hehe
Baby Butch
@ SissyBabyCandice
  Thanks I hope you keep enjoying my work on the site. I have made many friends here on Sissy Kiss. Hope you are having fun too! 
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