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 (non fiction)   so i went to the doctors to talk about my head ....and the feelings about me wanting to be dead.
so life is pretty  hard and its taken quite the toll....i got a coffee that's darker then my soul.
we went up to his office to talk about my day and about my mommy and the things that i would say.

that's when he takes out his note book and my spine gets little chills …..that's when he prescribed me little happy pills...I'm on the Lexapro....and i might go down to Mexico. And the topics are illogical  
from the 1st time of waking up till i go to bed … I'm sad as fuk....i have a lot of grippy socks and my baby bottle is on the rocks...I'm on the Lexapro. And I'm @ the point where I don't know .
My friends think i should go outside for a baby walk ...but i need a diaper change and a mommy talk...
she tells me maybe my baby girl will not hurl....i got a baby girl in a baby dress....and we get rid of all this stress...I'm on the Lexapro.Im a baby girl named Keli go and if you liked this statement let me know ....we both can be bro...and sis if you like this....
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Baby Butch
Lexapro is for anxiety and depression.  It seems odd that an antidepressant has major side effects like suicidal thoughts. Hope all is well Keligrose! A regression formula might make life easier especially with a mommy on hand. Have a great day!
@ Baby Butch
  lol i heard the song "Saddy Daddy " and thought it was soo cool of a song that i had to take a whack at the lyrics ....i had fun with it....check out the song on utube ....i think u all will like replay it 
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