Baby Gaga Breast Milk Ice Cream
Updated 3/19/11 - Breast Milk Ice Cream in the UK! It's back.
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Hi Babies!

Before Sissy Kiss got an upset tummy, I had posted a Sissy Dia Alert about the Icecreamists in London.

The Icecreamists is at 15 Maiden Lane, in Covent Garden, London. They seem like a really cool place. They have a skull and cross-spoons for a logo. They seem like punk rock and ice cream mixed. And they make all kinds of awesome ice cream flavors, including one called "Sex Bomb."

Well, I wrote about them because they made a flavor called "Baby Gaga." It was actually made from human Mommies' breast milk!

Well, over the past few days, it seems that Baby Gaga has either sold out completely or been confiscated by the British Foods Standards Agency!

It seems odd to me that the British Foods Standards Agency would wait to test a shop's food until after it was made and advertised.

I've also read that the Icecreamists did proper testing on the milk -- and all the proper procedures that you'd do for a bodily product -- before making it into ice cream.

Leave it to punk rock ice cream to get banned.

Anyway, London babies -- I'm really hoping you get a chance to taste the Baby Gaga ice cream (if the Suits see fit to let the Icecreamists have the ice cream back).

If any of you babies tastes the breast milk ice cream, could you please reply to this alert and let me know how it was? And how your overall experience of the Icecreamists' shop was?

In the meantime, I'll just be singing to myself, "Breast milk ice cream in the UK. It's coming some time, maybe!"

Oddly enough -- I don't know what the story is -- but there's some kind of blurb relating to the Sex Pistols having tried to ban the Icecreamists.

So maybe the Icecreamists are post-punk. Well, whatever they are, this AB Sissy loves them.

Baby talk rocks!
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This idea actually sounds really horrible to me. Unless I'm close to the woman whose breast milk it is, I wouldn't dream of tasting something like that (and before anyone says "but it's meant for humans, while cow milk is meant for baby cows", I'm happy to eat animals but not humans in the same way I'm happy to drink cow's milk but not human milk).

I saw this a few days ago and saw that you mentioned that 25 women across London had donated their breast milk but wouldn't anyone else feel weird eating ice cream that they know came from milk that had been inside a complete stranger not much earlier?

It's kind of gross. Even as an AB, it makes me gag to think about it.
Hi Babies!

Thanks for the reply, Wannabe Baby. I agree that breast milk ice cream isn't for everybody.

But, for those who are interested, here's some more info.

I was just checking in on the status of the Icecreamists and the Westminster City Council today.

Below is a link to the UK Telegraph, which has a small article as well as a video of the Icecreamists' owner, Matt O'Connor.

O'Connor said that the ice cream sold out first, and that it was then banned while it was tested by the government.

Which is odd, because the ice cream had already been tested. Not just blood bank testing, which I think is what the media is running with, but with testing that all breast milk has to go through to be safe for donation -- so babies can drink it when they either don't have Mommies or have Mommies who can't make their own milk.

Not to soap-box-etize, but this just seems like one of these cases where -- this whole thing was put together to make women feel okay about their breast milk, so they'd be okay with breast feeding their babies.

And what happens? Well, it's obvious what happens: two men come in and make a complaint to the Westminster City Council about how the whole operation is gross.

Almost all the people who bought the ice cream were women, and many were mothers. A lot of the mothers thought the idea was great and wanted to donate their own milk.

The most negative reactions came from men, which kind of reminds me of that episode of Friends, where Ross is afraid of drinking his ex-girlfriend's breast milk. And then the ex-girlfriend's girlfriend says she drinks the ex-girlfriends breast milk.

O'Connor seems like a pretty cool guy. And the Icecreamists seems like a pretty cool shop. So if anybody in the UK can get there and let us babies know what things are like there, it would be really great!

Thank you!

Baby talk rocks!
And now I have a problem with you blaming it on men. Don't be such a sexist.

Incidentally, in that episode of Friends, Rachel had a problem with it too. It's perfectly reasonable to think that women might find it gross too.
Hi Babies!

First -- I'm very sorry that I made a dumb statement, Wannabe Baby. If I offended you, I'm very sorry.

Second -- Well, second, I don't know where to begin!

I know this story is small peanuts. Or, in this case, tasting spoons.

But, as an adult baby, I've been having a lot of fun with it!

I wanted to get online and talk with you babies about everthing yesterday. But I was away from home until kind of late. So I couldn't do it.

It appears that there is now a formula version of Baby Gaga -- instead of a breast milk version. This is a slight disappointment to me. Nevertheless, it does present UK babies with a chance to go to the Icecreamists and taste a very babyish flavor of ice cream!

So -- UK babies! If you can get to the Icecreamists and taste Baby Gaga ice cream, please do!

That is -- if you can get there before the formula version gets banned, too! Because... Lady Gaga is now allegedly suing the Icecreamists for using the name Baby Gaga for the ice cream!

The name Baby Gaga is kind of a reference to Lady Gaga. And when the original breast milk version of the ice cream came out, some women serving it were dressed in Lady Gaga-esque costumes.

So now Lady Gaga is all mad about the whole thing. She even called the ice cream idea "nausea inducing."

So, obviously, this is kind of disappointing to me.

I have to say that two of my favorite writers on the planet are Susan Faludi and Camille Paglia. But they both kind of tore into Lady Gaga, at almost the same time, I believe, about midway through 2010.

I was kind of disappointed in Faludi and Paglia for tearing into Gaga. I don't know a ton about Gaga, and her music isn't interesting to me. But I love her style. So I kind of developed a liking for her, which strengthened because two of my favorite writers criticized her so much.

I was supposing, in my wacky fantasy world, that Lady Gaga would don her suit and tie and pound on a podium, telling the Westminster City Council to give the Icecreamists the breast milk back.

I figured that that would obviously show Faludi and Paglia (again, in my wacky fantasy world) that Gaga was cool. And then they'd all go party together or something.

Because -- again, IMWFW -- this is a feminist issue. I'm not a woman. So if I'm wrong and this isn't a feminist issue, I apologize.

For instance -- in January of this year, mothers in the UK were given a guideline that they were to begin weaning their babies -- i.e. putting them on solid foods -- at four months of age. Previously, the age had been six months.

The reaction from a lot of mothers seemed to be anger and confusion. One opinion in particular was that the UK had made their change in breast feeding guidelines after baby food companies didn't keep up their end of the deal in supporting the guidelines.

In other words, baby food companies were still out there pushing baby food on mothers with children younger than six months of age. So the UK, in the opinion of certain legal or official representatives, who have publicly stated this belief, decided to back the food companies instead of the mothers and lower the weaning age to four months.

Even entities that have not publicly stated that the UK backed the food companies have at least stated that people who did the research to make the policy received money from food companies in the recent past.

Now let's flash forward to the Icecreamists story -- without saying that the UK's breast feeding decisions had anything to do with it.

The Icecreamists put out this product as a celebration of Mommies. There are groups of people out there -- you can find them -- that have shown that there are stigmas against breastfeeding. In the UK, but in a lot of other highly industrialized nations, as well.

Mothers want to be professionals. And they should be professionals. But they're hindered from breast-feeding in the workplace. Breast-feeding is stigmatized. So professional mothers are forced to stop breast-feeding their children at earlier ages.

Just -- in this connection -- I'd like to say that Licia Ronzulli is one of my major heros -- even if she ends up hating the thought of breast milk ice cream. Licia Ronzulli is definitely worth looking up online.

The Icecreamists put this ice cream out as a celebration of Mommies and as a way to say to the public that breast milk is good, healthy and natural.

Plus, a subtext message of this is that women's bodies are good, healthy, and natural.

It's only tertiary that it appeals to adult babies like me as well.

So, what happens? Two men make complaints about the ice cream. The government takes the ice cream and bans it. It then puts out a message that states it must do testing on the ice cream for diseases -- and very explicitly says "in this case, potentially hepatitis."

The mothers were healthy, tested mothers. The milk was tested. There was no reason to put the phrase "in this case, potentially hepatitis" into the statement. By now, plenty of people have realized this hepatitis scare was bogus.

And what are the icecreamists relegated to? Putting out ice cream made out of formula.

So, in an environment where there is already a stigma against professional women and a stigma against breast-feeding, along with a new breast-feeding reduction line that plays into the food companies' pockets, a store puts out a kind of food that says, "women's bodies are okay and healthy and breast feeding is okay and healthy."

The reaction to this is that the breast milk and the women's bodies are called diseased and that the breast milk is replaced with baby food.

Again, it's what's out there. Anybody can find this info. Although I am quite willing to admit that my take on all this stuff is the result of whatever happens IMWFW.

I'm not going to say that my interpretation of why Lady Gaga is having such a strong reaction against this stuff is correct at all. It could just simply be the fact that someone who likes ripping off Queen and Madonna (um... and the egg thing is a rip off of Spinal Tap, IMWFW) can dish it out just fine but can't take it in.

But -- another thought about this would be that -- you look at the video "Telephone" -- in that video she plays out a fantasy of poinsoning the food of people in a cafe. And then she dances barely clothed in the cafe that's full of dead people.

This is an image where a woman, who is showing off her body, has something to do with food and ends up creating a diseased situation.

It seems like there's some kind of complex with food, women's bodies, and disease here. So a food from a woman's body that is labeled as healthy and is also named after the woman with a food-body-disease issue would obviously cause a bad reaction.

On the adult baby side of things. It is kind of interesting to see how many people write, not that an adult eating some unknown person's breast milk is disgusting, but how an adult eating breast milk at all is disgusting.

Anyway, I really hope that if any adult babies from the UK read this post, they can at least head on down to the Icecreamists and get some formula Baby Gaga while it lasts.

And if you do have some Baby Gaga, please write about your experience on this site! Thank you very much!

Baby talk rocks!
Isn't it like... hazardous to your health or something? O_o
Hi Babies!

If there are any Japan babies out there who read this post, I hope you are doing well. Keep hanging in there. We're all thinking of you.

Hi IceHaze. Thanks for your question. Breast milk ice cream can be harmful. So it should be screened first for anything harmful. The Icecreamists ice cream was screened.

I'm actually sorry I haven't gotten back to this post in a long time. After my double post of soap-boxiness, which I found kind of tiresome, I got to wondering if I was getting a little obsessed with this issue. So I decided to step back a bit.

Ugh... Stupid me. It turns out that on March 9th, the Icecreamists were given the go ahead to sell their breast milk ice cream by the Westminster City Council.

So now I'm ten days late in getting word out. And the people at the Westminster City Council are okay folks.

So -- again -- the breast milk ice cream is on sale. So if you UK babies out there get a chance to stop by the Icecreamists and taste the ice cream, please post a reply to this article and let us know how your experience at the Icecreamists was.

The Baby Gaga name for the ice cream is still up in the air, as Lady Gaga still appears to be suing The Icecreamists for using a name that sounds like Lady Gaga.

Baby talk rocks!
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