All XXX Babies going to the dentist
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I am looking for stories where the baby gets his or her teeth removed.
I found 'The Twins', but that is pretty much it.
Are there any other stories like 'The Twins'?
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Charlotte Pottypants
 i used to wear dentures but these were taken away from me a year ago so I can't eat 'solids' anymore. Without my dentures I have developed a very sissy 'lisp' when i talk. Even sucking my bottle is difficult I have to wear a plastic bib because i tend to dribble a lot when feeding. 
 As a result of my 'UnPotty' Training I'm now unable to control myself consequently  I have to wear diapers and plastic panties all the time. At weekends I'm only permitted  to wear tiny little dresses so that my Diapers are 'on display' at all times for Mummy's guests and visitors. 
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