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Great story abot young boys dressing as girls
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Hi Girlies,
Just wanted to share a video with those of you who haven’t seen it before-there’s nothing “trans” in the title and I came across it by accident rather than searching. It is an Aussie series and in this episode a little deceitful plot involves two young lads having to dress as girls and my Oh my don’t they look fab. There is a wonderful sequence in the show where the younger boy (also by far the prettiest girl) is trying out his girlfriends outfits in front of her so that she can advise. He twirls and swirls so realistically I can’t believe he hasn’t done this before-touching the hem of his skirts etc all the feminine mannerisms you could wish for. I’m afraid it sends my mind reeling when I put myself in her Mary Janes-imagine it girls-being free to walk around town as a girl and no one comments. Its especially touching at the end when they have to “kill off” the two “creations”; the young lad really misses his dresses and panties-go on girls-enjoy !!
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