Asking for help for my 2010 Christmas Captions (121210)
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Ok so here is the outfit I want to use for my 2010 Christmas captions. Unforenitly I can't come up with the story ... :-/ So any ideas?????? I can and even plan on taking new pics once I came up with the story so if your idea doesn't go with a pose that is ok.

Please help,

-Sissy Boy-

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Baby Butch
Santa was a little too big to fit down the chimney, so he used the front door. Mrs. Claus was so busy making gifts for good boys and girls that she forgot to wash Santa's outfit. "No problem Santa," Mrs. Claus said, "you can wear my girls Santa Dress." To make sure sissy santa did not wet himself, he was diapered by Mrs. Claus before beginning his long Christmas eve deliverys.
In sissyville santas outfit magicly changes and istead of cookies and milk they leave out babybottles and fresh diapers or pullups.
sissy boy thought it would be fun to dress in a cute girly santa outfit. He was most shocked to find Santa clause had arived early with a suprise for sissy boy was going to BECOMNE a pressent!. he was goign to become a cute lil baby girl for Mrs. Clause, already he could feel himeself shrinking when he suddenly felt a big puffy girly diaper between his leggs. Eternity as a baby girl at the north pole was going t be SUCH fun
Thanks for the ideas girls. I will try to work some of these in if I ever get around to taking the new pics!

-Sissy Boy-
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