PG just asking for some freindly advice
just looking on some advice on telling people your "secrets"
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I have been hiding the fact that i like to crossdress and wear diapers from all but two people scince i was 12 and now that im 18 i want to tell my parents, one of those people dont remember cause we were really drunk and the other still accepts me. but like i said i havent told many people and i was wondering if there are any good or bad ways to tell people and i would love to hear some stories of yours if you have any thanks
lots of love
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The biggest question you first need to ask yourslef is why do you want to tell them?

If you just crossdress and wear diapers is there a need to tell them? If you are transgendered then this is a different matter.

The desire to tell people is common but in reality it is a big step and can backfire. If you really want to tell your parents, then firstly test a responce by adding something about crossdressers into a conversation and gauge a reaction, if it feels positive then you have a basis to tell them.

I told my parents a long time ago I was a TV, this was before I accepted I was a sissy and they were fine. The key is to not dump on them, explain it to them in as gentle way as possible and also in a matter a fact way, not too serious. If you see it as a harmless pursuit then they should do to. At the end of the day it's no big deal and harms no-one.

Hope it works out for you x x x
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