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Hello everyone ummm well I'm new obviously but I have been browsing this site for about a year now and have recently finnaly turned eighteen (yay me) so instead of trolling I thought I should join. Well let's see a bit of background, well I'm a sissy of course also a loyal pup who loves to be cared for umm I've been a sissy for a couple years now, yes I still live at home with my dad and step mother I still go to school which is my fault I skipped out of alot of classes so I have a bit of schooling to catch up on but I refuse to give up. Onto the more juicy personal things I love of course dressing and I also withen the last few months I discovered I'm a bit of a show off ever since that walk down my street late at night in panties dress and high heels oh my the sound of those heels drove me crazy....I'm rambeling aren't I moving on so as you can tell I kinda like to show off always look forward to the next sissy task that pushes my limits I just bask in th humilation anyways this is to long for a intro I bet so I hope to make lots of freinds here I'll talk to you all laters...
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Welcome! I like your name  Glad to have you here at Sissy Kiss 
Welcome, darling, and by the sound of things you ought to find plenty of amusement in the Truth or Dare thread ...

Hope you have lots of sweet fun pushing your limits, and a very warm welcome to you.      
"When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
Baby Butch
Woof, woof, a good puppie goes on the paper. If not I suggest a good thick diaper and rubber panties. Hehe!
  Welcome from Baby Butch  
Shadow Puppy
Thanks all for the warm welcome, it's nice to finnaly kinda feel accepted (somthing I felt latley with my girl but that's another story) after like so long not really knowing anyone who's truly like me with the same dreams and disires it's a great feeling :D
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