XXX Anyone know my last post was deleted?
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Hi everyone.

I just posted another captioned story yesterday called The Price of being a Sissy. It was on for a few hours and then deleted without notice. So far as I know, It didn't cross any moral boundaries or age issues.

Can anyone tell me why it was removed?
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I never saw it. Looking forward to it, though. I just commented on "Denna's Return to Babyhood" a day or two ago.

I have only had one thread pulled...and the moderator notified me of the reason quite promptly (a caption with too much nudity, as I recall). So...the mods are usually petty good about communicating with authors about any objectionable material.

For whatever it's worth, i feel your pain.
Hey Bobby, I'm sorry you had your post deleted... I'm a huge fan of your cappies. Although I didn't delete your post, I looked into it and the mod who deleted it cited the reason as "vulgar content". And technically, on SK the official rule is that if nudity is posted, it needs to be original content by the poster or, there needs to be a link of its origin proving the image is not copy righted.This rule is to insure that not only does SK not violate copyright rules, but also that SK doesn't help spread people's nude pictures around the internet.

I think the confusion stems from in the past, the nudity ban has been enforced too irregularly. With the recent new influx of mods, these rules that have always been on the books are now being regularly enforced.

So again, Im sorry that your post got removed. Hopefully this is somewhat of an explanation. If you'd like, I'm sure Chrissy would be happy to discuss it with you if you feel you've been treated unfairly.
Baby Bobby__
Ummm...okay. This begs the question--what is considered "vulgar" nudity?

I've posted many, many pictures showing a man's cock being sucked. That was never flagged. I've also posted many pics showing nude males being taken with a strap-on. That too was evidently considered acceptable.

Is there any clear definition as to what the mods consider to be vulgar nudity? With regard to the content in text, I think most people will agree that my choices of wording are such that I avoid being blunt and speaking in overly vulgar terms.

You will forgive me if I appear confused but after seeing endless posts in this forum about the nitty gritty details of sucking cocks, etc., the mention of "vulgar nudity" strikes me as a bit bizarre.

Best regards,

Basically any visible genitals can be seen as being against the rules. Check your PM inbox though Bobby.
Jennifer Funshine
Hi there, Baby Bobby! Sorry I missed this thread earlier, sweetie.
I'll just re-edit my response from Dreamer's thread regarding this:

The second image displayed intercourse
which could be considered a bit risque even by sissy kiss standards.

This is what could've lead to the "nudity" scenario, I honestly don't know.

To help clarify here is the section of sissy kiss rules that pertains to the posting of nudity

*Please no content of real people that have nudity, or acts of sex However:
Sexy content without sex acts, or nudity are okay.
Drawings, or cartoons with sex acts, and nudity are okay.
Content without sex acts, or nudity, but have an XXX story,
or caption attached to them are okay. *

Partial nudity is completely acceptable, like showing off a sexy pair of panties
where the bottom isn't completely exposed. I'm assuming the same is true of oral play
where the male's cock isn't completely exposed. Remember, Sissy Kiss is not a "sex-site"
but a safe haven which may include but is not limited to sexually-based interests
that pertain to expressing feminine and/or infantile desires.

Gosh, that sure was a mouthful! *giggles*
Sure hope this helps, Baby Bobby!

With Much Love ~ Funshine
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