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ABDL kink exposed and I'm in tatters
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 Hello, everyone. I hate to have something like this be my first post, but I'm absolutely desperate and need to reach out to the community because I don't know where else to turn to

A little bit about myself: I'm a pretty average if anxious young man who got into both the AB and DL sides of the kink in my preteen years off of story websites. Never been able to act it out in any relationships but I've played around with it, which brings me to why I'm here

A number of months ago I was in such a depressive rut that I got into doing webcam shows on a number of sites at night, for a good couple of weeks. Not wearing actual diapers, but dressing up spare clothes as if they were them and going to town. Foolishly enough, I showed my face a couple of times and well

Needless to say, both screencaps, gifs and videos were recorded and I know for a fact have been spread around on a number of social media sites. I've already looked into legal counsel, and the only way it could be taken down is if it was posted on specific pages instead of spread around the way it has been

Almost everyone in my immediate area knows that this is happened, and worse, they think I actually /used/ what I was wearing when I wouldn't dare, living with roommates. It's completely ruined my relationship with neighbors, coworkers and my community, I'm a subject of public scrutiny, harassment and discussion all day, every day, and as someone with social anxiety being the center of attention like this is making me lose my mind and start acting dsyfunctional as fuck 

I've been saving money every week, jobsearching and crowdsourcing from friends so I can move somewhere else ASAP, but it just isn't going fast enough, and I was wondering if anyone could inbox me if they were interested in donating to a paypal? 

This is a little who's had his public image absolutely ruined at a time when the decisions you make in life effect the rest of it, and I'm so desperate to get my life back on track

Even just having people to talk to would be welcomed, there's almost no one I can with anymore. If you're wondering, I've posted this identically to both adisc and daily
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