All PG 13 Another afternoon in wet diapers
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Chrissey had held on as long as he could.

He had been fighting the urge to go pee ever since lunchtime at his high chair but the two big bottles of warm milk his babysitter had fed him were starting to have their predictable effect on his bladder. Twice, he had just barely managed to keep from wetting his diaper, only to stop it just in the nick of time. But now he was practically dancing in his nursery to hold back the tide.

And then, just as suddenly as it had hit him, the urge vanished. Chrissey breathed a sigh of relief.

He bent down and began stacking his plastic blocks again, pleased that he had proven himself master of his bodily functions. If only Mommy could see me now, he thought to himself proudly.

But alas, it was not to be. No more than five minutes later, as Chrissey was concentrating on a triumph of engineering with his blocks, he felt the front of his diapers suddenly and unexpectedly growing wet and warm. To his horror, he discovered he was peeing himself without any warning whatsoever!

Bunching his fists in futile anger, he shook them in a childish display of fury and frustration. Once started, he knew it was useless to try and staunch the flow. He sat there in resigned misery as he he continued to pee, quickly soaking his soft, yet bulky cloth diapers. Fortunately, snug pink plastic panties prevented any chance of leaks so he knew there was no immediate cause for concern.

He tried to keep playing with his blocks but his diapers clung tenaciously and stubbornly to his bottom, serving as a constant and annoying reminder of his childish incontinence. He resented having to wear wet diapers like he were a 18 month old baby and after all, it seemed it was only a matter of getting his babysitter, Samantha to change him.

Trudging out to the living room, he saw the relaxed form of his pretty blonde babysitter lying on the couch watching TV, very much oblivious of his presence. He sighed to himself as he looked at her perfect skin and body, wishing wistfully that she thought of him as a regular guy, instead of the panty-waisted sissy that he was.

As he approached her on the couch, he cleared his throat nervously to get her attention. Intimidated as always before her, he suddenly felt unsure and apprehensive.

"Um...Miss Samantha?" he asked tentatively.

"Yes, Chrissey?" she asked as she looked up from the program she was watching.

"Umm, I had a little accident...and I--um, kinda wet my diapers," he said, blushing hotly, despite his attempts to the contrary.

Samantha looked up into his eyes, conversely forcing him to stare at the floor, before she reached over and squeezed the seat of his thick diapers with her hand.

"I don't think so Chrissey," she replied with a bored tone of voice that said the matter was already concluded, "I think they still take a bit more--I'll change you before I put you down for your nap later on."

With that, she returned her attention back to the TV to resume watching her show.

Chrissey stood there awkwardly, feeling inadequate and foolish as he often did around Samantha. It didn't help that she was only five years older than him, although she treated him as if he were no more than a toddler. But in his world, where Mommy and his babysitter held absolute authority over him, there was little point in arguing. It only resulted in a blistering bottom and corner time for the diaper-wetting sissy.

It looked like Chrissey was going to spend yet another long afternoon in his wet diapers.

As usual.


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I love the gentle but firm female domination and humiliation in this story. It would be fun to be in Chrissey's place, maybe for a couple of weeks or so. But I wouldn't want to be stuck in a playpen permanently for real.
This one was great! A great storry to that Picture. well done(as always)
Its all about the humiliation
very nice, can't wait for more :)
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