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I am essentially bigendered. I have this masculine life and persona which I am happy with but also have a feminine side which I have been unable to indulge much. The feminine side is actually split up unit several parts. I have one persona as an adult woman, one as a teenage girl, one as a toddler girl, and one as a baby girl. Some of my fantasies include role playing and dressing up as 1) a high school cheerleader girl 2) a ballerina 3)a bride at a wedding 4) a women's swimsuit model and/or a lingerie model 5) a baby girl complete with disposable diapers (I grew up post cloth diaper era), pink plastic panties, a pink bonnet, a pink baby dress with petticoats and a pink pacifier. I have always felt unloved and I honestly think my infantilism stems from that. My gender issues are harder to pin down, but they did manage to blend with my infantilist tendencies. How I want to be treated obviously varies based on what persona I'm in, but in baby girl mode, I want to be cooed at, held, fed, changed, dressed, etc. I do not like humiliation. Fortunately, I do have a collection of girl clothes and have indulged some of my fantasies, but not all since 1) I would like someone else to help say play a parent role and 2) I just can't get my hands on some outfits. I can easily get diapers and a pacifier at the local drug store, but the adult baby girl outfits are hard to come by as are adult ballet outfits with tutus. On my non feminine side, I am a physicist in training who happens to also study languages (I can read Egyptian hieroglyphics and speak Italian) plus, I am always one to crack a joke, and have a loving personality.
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Welcome to Sisskykiss, pinkphysics! You sound like a very, very interesting and multifaceted (should I say, "multipersona-ed"?) soul. In terms of the linguistic interests and physics background, there are others here of like mind...such as my friend Miki Yamuri (and maybe even lijennie). You may have a few things to talk about...

Blessings to you.
hi sweety would you like to be friends
yours sarah-jayne .......0x
inocent little miss sarah-jayne
Actually, I would sarahjayne
Miki Yamuri

Life, prosperity, and health unto you oh sojourner unto the Shemah.

قد تكون رحلتك Ø³Ø±ÙŠØ¹Ø Ø§Ù„Ø£Ù‚Ù„ شخص تأخذ مكانك بين القتلى

So fair traveler. Welcome unto the realm of many fantasies. May you find that to which you seek ... and seeds of love and enlightenment for the garden of your heart.

With much love


The best thing about my life is being Lisa's Pet Babydoll

Oh wow, you sound so much like me! I'm also bigendered (or glender fluid I like) and I have pretty much all those same favorite ages and outfits! School girl, ballerina, lingerie, baby girl with diapers. What do we call you dear friend? And we simply must message and be friends!
~To be a girl is to be honest and expressive of your emotions. To wear diapers shows comfort in your body and trust in another~
I like to play Would You Rather and Dress Up, so come play with me in the games section. ^_^
*Formerly tutu49*
Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss from a big baby.

Hello and welcome to our world. I think you'll fit in with us very nicely. I too, have feminine feelings that I can't indulge and won't be able to indulge until society becomes accepting enough of crossdressing that I can wear a skirt in public without being hassled or laughed at. I too, have a stash of feminine clothes I wear privately. I'm not a physicist but do hold degrees in engineering. Here in ye merrie Sissykiss, we have a variety of talents and skills. So, welcome aboard!


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