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Okay, so my mom probably (95% certain) knows about my fetish for women's panties. I'm basing this off the fact that I've left the search history up and she was searching for recipes later so when I pulled the search bar down it showed my crossdressing web sites in addition to some cooking recipes. My mom hasn't mentioned it to me, but I'm sure she knows. Anyway, although it's embarrassing for me, I think I'd like to tell my mom to buy me panties at Victoria's Secret instead of boxers. I'd rather not do it, face-to-face, but I'd prefer to do it by leaving a note or sending an email. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Umm ... your Mom buys your underwear for you? I'm sorry but - you are over 18 aren't you? 'Cause otherwise you shouldn't be here.

Two thoughts come to mind, assuming you are over 18. One is, you should be buying your own underwear. And that being the case, you could buy whatever underwear you want for yourself.

Second, telling your Mom is just kinda a bad idea. What benefits would come from that, and do they really outweigh the possible drawbacks?


Kita's got a good point there. If your old enough to be here, your old enough to buy your own. That being said, best case senerio, I believe your Mom would say the same.

So lets put this in perspective (do the shrink thing, not that I'm qualified, but anyway...), what you need to do hengyr, list all the benifits and drawbacks to telling your Mom (the positive and negative if you will). Then post them on this tread. We as a community will then be able to help better, because we will have a better understanding of you viewpoint.

Don't worry, it's easier than you may think 
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Your mother may type by looking at the keyboard so she could have completely missed the search bar because if she saw it and didn't mention it then she may not want to talk about it.

I going to guess she buys you clothes as presents or even if she does buy your underwear regular. Ask her to just give you the money instead to buy your own underwear. Then buy them at VS yourself.

I don't have good advice how bringing up to your mother. Try having her watch or see someone involved in crossdressing and gauge her reaction.

Hengyr, your mommy definitely knows you're a sissy, especially if you've been "borrowing" her stuff. Whether you should talk to her about it depends on her outlook, and the type of person she is, and only you know that. If you're REALLY lucky, maybe she always wanted a little girl and she'll dress you up like you are her dolly!
I'd recommend not doing it. My parents found my diaper stash a few times while I was growing up, but never pushed the issue (they pretended they didn't see them even though I know they did). They knew I wet the bed occasionally when I got drunk (my friends loved telling people about it, even my parents even though we were only 16 or 17 at the time) so I guess my parents assumed that's why I had the diapers. I felt weird around them for a bit, but after a while it was forgotten. If they had confronted me and forced me to explain, things would have been weird for a lot longer. Right now all your mother knows is that someone searched for some crossdressing stuff. She might think you and some friends were screwing around, or like Little Miss Alexis said, she may not have even seen the search history. If she saw the search history right now it is up to her to decide why you were searching for it, and assume the thing that is least offensive or disturbing to her (those words are not meant to be mean, just truthful). If you bring it up, you'll be slapping her in the face with your fetish, and shattering whatever story she came up with in her head. Let her continue to see you as her son, not her daughter.

Also, why would you want to involve your mother in your fetish? Do you really think she wants to be involved in it? Does she help you pick up girls and get them into bed? Does she slip you condoms before you go out? Does she help you put them on? Of course not, so why do you think she wants to buy you panties? As other have said, buy them yourself. I just saw a sale at a local lingerie store that had 10 panties for $30. Surely you can come up with $30 to buy panties. Target always has a variety of panties for pretty cheap. Heck, stores like Family Dollar or other 'dollar stores' even have panties. Wash them yourself in the bathroom sink and hang them to dry in your closet so nobody else sees them. Don't involve you mom.

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