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I just got home today from an extended work trip, and spent the day thinking frilly thoughts. I still don't own any clothes yet, but was wishing I was in bra & panties.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that bra sizing is done by measuring across your chest at about your sternum, giving you the size, then by measuring at the nipples and subtracting the first measurement then a diference of 1 = A cup, 2 = B cup... etc.

My next Q is about shaving. I have never done it, but am thinking about shaving my crotch & crack. Any advice? pitfalls to be wary of?

Thanks ladies.

Kisses, Morgan
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aw I'm not too sure on bra sizes, but I can give a little advice on shaving the 'delicate' careful!!!!!!!!


You can find a bra conversion on most transvestite sites, as some also cater towards bigger females it may help you to look on catalouge sites.

As for Shaving I would suggest a hair removal cream or similar, it stops shaving rash and isn't so itchy when it grows back. It also lasts longer and in time thins out the hairs, it's that or a nice hot wax.

Have fun
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