All XXX Some advice with gaffs and having smooth V line =)
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Hey! I discovered something I don't see mentioned that much to help TGirls who want to wear sexy skinny jeans, or pants, and want to keep their V line completely smooth, and gaffs don't quite do it completely. You can wear pantyhose on top of a gaff, and you can put your skinny jeans on, or add another gaff on top of the pantyhose if you really want to seal the deal hehe. I know many do not want to have to worry about that at all, and that would do it. I don't know why I don't see that more often in advice because it works wonders for TGals. If you wear skinny jeans where the bottom leg trim is high (like me, I'll wear them with cute heels or flats) you can cut the bottom of the pantyhose at the knee.

For this you would also want to avoid sheer pantyhose, which is any pantyhose where it is more see through, because those are a lot more thin material, and so the ones that are less see through (Also called Opaque Pantyhose) would be thicker, and help give you a more smooth shape. There is also body shaping hose that would work just as well too!

Also pantyhose just feels lovely, you'll feel very girly the whole time!

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Ty, that helps! I absolutely LOVE the way panty hose feel under jeans.
~*Christie Luv*~
Hi Baby Sara! I definitely do as well!  
I wore pantyhose all day today under my femme denim. PH feels so great when you've just dehaired your legs!

Will have to re-apply Nair as it only takes a day or so before leg hair starts growing back .... :(


Not much you can do to hide; tuck or gaff a chastity device.
Sort of like the male ballet dancer there is just so much that can be done
to create that flat androgynous look even with dark colored tights.
A fairly substantial tutu will help but one looking for the bulge will find it.
Tight jeans may pose a problem but those with a more generous cut will
be able to hide the pronounced 'V" line aberation.
With enough padding the gaff factor will become hidden.
And alas there is always the comfort factor after trying to get everything
out of sight.

Ooh what a great trick. Who taught you this?

little Chloe
Another tip to get that smooth appearance is to wear younger girls bikini bottoms, or womens shape-wear clothing.
for the flat underneath just add a sanitary pad. (perfumed ones smell nice as a bonus)

ive been using these for years even under rubber and spandex with no problems.
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