PG 13 Adult Baby Shower?
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How would you feel if you were keeping your sissy side a secret from everyone but someone found out and decided to through you a sissy baby shower where they dress you up as a baby girl and feed you drugs make you lose blader and bowle controle and hormons to make you more femini?

Or if you where the one throwing the shower what items would be involved?
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Wouldn't that be a story to write about ?!?!?
On the other hand to pull this off on someone who is/was a known
SISSY BABY !  From the stand point as a reader of this forum to be
that person WOW ! Make my registry "PINK" with lacy detailing !
Even better have the film crew ready to video this in HD for broadcast
over the Adult BABY-TV Network.
Oh and remember there will be no bathroom breaks everyone is
expected to be diapered for the duration.
Baby Butch
I think adult baby showers are a great idea! 
Baby Julie
I would love that to be me I so want to be someone's babygirl 
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