PG 13 Addressing uneducated claims about trans people
Here I'll give info on how to address some of the main reactions I see from from what closed minded people say about transsexuals.
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There's some buzz about Caitlyn Jenner coming out as transsexual women, and I would like to say congrats for her! I'm a transsexual women, and have thoroughly studied these issues, so maybe I can help with issues being raised in comments I see on this. I never watch the kardashians. The geek in me hears kardashians, and I think of cardassians from Star Trek lol, but I do think this is a good thing this is getting a lot of attention because it's causing people to debate this issue, when people rarely are educated on this. I urge people not to just insult closed minded comments, but to educate, if it's not obvious they are trolls since it can help society become educated on this issue.

Certain comments are, "Trans women are still male since they will always have XY chromosomes.", "Doesn't saying, '..gender identity is a part of the brain..' fly in the face of the claim gender roles are societal?", "Shouldn't trans people be discriminated against if it's called Gender Identity Disorder?", and "If I'm a tree on the inside does that mean I should be called a tree from now on?" lol some of these people are just being jerks, but some people are genuinely wondering which is why I'll be happy to address these.

In psychology the part of gender identity that makes you identify, and relate with a certain sex is considered to be different from gender roles, even though relating with a certain sex eventually makes many people adopt certain gender roles because society shows this sex assigned to these certain roles. Psychological studies observed that once people reach the age of 3-4 the sex they relate with has solidified. It can't be changed after that, so they know it's not something people choose. [1][2][3][4][5][6] If this was a choice transsexual people getting paid minimum wage would not be spending 30 thousand dollars for surgery. It's something they can't help, and they shouldn't have to pay this much for something they need.

This also suggests that the part of gender identity that makes you relate with a certain sex does have biological causes. Many studies have been done where they found differences in male, and female brains, and they also looked at transsexual brains. What they found is the transsexuals had the same differences of the sex they identify with. This happened consistently across many studies independent of each other. [7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14]

Some people see "Gender Identity Disorder" (Which was officially changed to "Gender Dysphoria" recently.), and instantly think, since it's a disorder it means people should stop being transgender, but psychologists are saying the opposite. If transsexuals are made to feel out of touch with their gender identity, by society, or some other means they have shown to go through severe depression, anxiety, or even sometimes commit suicide. So psychologists find the best thing for transsexuals is to live as our gender identity, and to get a sex change. [15] This is what they mean by gender dysphoria. Psychologists don't simply say a sex change is recommended, they say it's medically necessary for the mental health of transsexual people. [16] Some transsexual people don't have gender dysphoria because they were accepted by society, and received access to sex reassignment surgery. It's not a meant to describe transsexual people as a whole, just transsexual people who experience extreme dissonance with their gender identity. [17]

In psychology the difference between gender, and sex is recognized. Gender is what you identify as, and sex is your anatomy. This is what transsexual women mean when they say they are women, and would like to go by she. It does not mean they claim they have ovaries, XX chromosomes, etc. or anything else that is not based in fact. Transsexual women would not try to transition in the first place if they thought they already have a vagina.

These ancient definitions of saying people are simply either male, or female come from a time when we didn't even have the scientific method as we know it, so it's not surprising they don't accurately describe sex in humans. It would be more scientifically accurate if society moved towards using "male", "female", "intersexual", to describe sex, and "he", "she", "man", and "woman" to describe gender. In this way it does not ignore scientific facts. Transsexual women are born intersexual in sex, and women in gender, and vise versa with transsexual men. Describing them as male goes against fact because it ignores the part of their brain that is female, and the secondary sex characteristics that are made when they have a sex change. Transsexuals are able to transition the parts of their bodies that have any significant effect on their daily lives. That's what matters the most for them to live as their gender. When you meet someone regular people don't immediately scan their chromosomes. So chromosomes are not important when considering how you live your daily life, which means it's not going to hurt anything if trans women go by women, or trans men go by men.

Many cultures throughout history have recognized more than 2 sexes in different ways because of the variancy in the sexes. There have been 3-5 sexes categorized by some societies, and sometimes they don't attach a number to it. [18][19][20][21] The term third gender has been used to describe hijras of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan who have gained legal identity, Fa'afafine of Polynesia, and Sworn virgins of the Balkans, among others, and is also used by many of such groups and individuals to describe themselves. [22][23] Many native-american tribes described them as the two-spirit people who were treated with great esteem as shamans. [24]

A fun fact is it is literally true that every person on earth is either female, or they were for the first two months after conception. No, I didn't make a typo. The physical structure of every human fetus starts out as female. If anyone studies a scientific book on the fetus, the "sex" genes are XY, rather than XX, hormones will be secreted that will initiate a sex change at two months after conception. This means every guy has already had a sex change.


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A very well written post Christie. I would hope that 99% in not all members of this site are not the uneducated/trolling types that seem to infest a large majority of the internet, or even worse the real world. 

To give a personal example of the sort of people I mean, at university I knew a Russian student who was a nice guy until he had anything to do with homosexual or transgendered individuals. I once had to restrain myself from giving him a good slapping for stating very loudly that all as he put it "gay freaks" should be killed before they can "infect" others. An absolutely despicable attitude and dare I say it typically Eastern European. Over the three years I knew him he slowly began to moderate his views but even three years in a very diverse university environment couldn't entirely get rid of his intolerant attitude. 

These days I work in an industrial environment and some of my colleagues are nearly as bad, though they are less likely to call for death, more "laws against that sort of thing." Ah the joys of rural areas. Then again I do live in an area where it's possible to tell what village someone is from simply by their accent so I suppose an inward looking conservative outlook is to be expected. I do try my best to subtly educate people I know but it's a struggle.

I really hope that the current trend for more acceptance and protection of transgendered individuals continues. I am transgendered to some degree (I think I might be asexual too) and have had feminine urges since I hit puberty to the extent of at least investigating a sex change. I guess since I decided it was a step to far that genderfluid or genderqueer might be a better term for me. To be able to be open about this aspect of my life would be wonderful but current attitudes are probably going to keep me firmly in the closet for the foreseeable future.  

Additionally my feminine side these days is pretty much exclusive to what I consider my baby personality. For me to be a baby is to be a very girly girl, and to be female is to be a baby. I almost become a completely different person when I put that diaper on. I guess infantilism is a whole other issue on top of my gender issues and even less likely to gain widespread acceptability. I can still hope though, maybe one day I will be able to walk around in a diaper and dress and be completely accepted by everyone I meet.

Hmm that's the first time I've put thoughts like that down. I've never really opened up like this before, it's quite a liberating experience even if it is only via text posted on the internet.
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Since coming out as transgender, what surprised me the most was that the most vitriolic of the criticism I have had has not been from conservatives and religious types, but from left-wing radical feminists (who are very much of the "why can't you just pull yourself together" camp of "therapy"). Thankfully, they don't seem to have much if any sway over UK politics, though I did hear one of their number - Janice Raymond - successfully petitioned the US government in the 1980s to withdraw support for transgender care, causing various insurers to follow suit. One wonders how many suicides followed, and accidental deaths through unmonitored self-medication, and whether or not she is cool with that (as a supposed medical ethics professional).
"When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
Jennifer Funshine
A very insightful read Christie and I really appreciate the time and effort it took to post all of that information. While I am much too tired to get into the specifics or give my own take on the matter I can say that right now I am literately 2 months away from beginning possible hormone therapy treatment and I'm gathering up all the information that I can on the subject.

While I do not actively desire a sex-change operation I am looking forward to a brighter future as being my true baby girl self on a regular basis. I have hid in the shadows for far too long and I am ready now to progress with the path I have chosen.

Should I manage such a feat and actually begin my HRT therapy, I will keep a journal here on Sissy Kiss and update all of you on my progress. Since without this wonderful site, I would never have had the courage to undertake this journey in the first place.

*Much hugs and love to all of you*     
Good luck Jennifer, I hope that you are able to go ahead with HRT and being your true self. 
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