PG ABAlex, i am new here
looking to talk to people :)
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Hello everyone! I am a 21 year old abdl and sissy switch. That means I like both top and bottom, or little and big, roles. I enjoy everything abdl, from diapers to cute outfits to messing and bottles. I also enjoy pink clothes and sissyfication (especially forced), spankings, and some bondage.
I like to write, and will be posting stories here soon :)
Aside from this stuff, I like reading, music (I play a few instruments), movies, martial arts, and some other stuff.
I am generally friendly and would like to chat with or meet people. Please message me if you want!
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Martial arts AND playing several musical instruments? Wow. It goes to show the remarkable range of talents we have in our world wide sissy/transgender community. In my real life I'm a student of Tae Kwon Do, so we have something in common.

I'm not into bondage or being spanked, but love putting on a diaper when I get up in the morning and getting it nice and warm and wet. Its a sweet and joyful way to start my day. And I always wear feminine underwear under my real world drab-clothes. Sometimes if I have the time (which is scarce at this time as I'm constantly battling snow and cold), I'll put on a skirt or dress and high heels. When spring comes, I look forward to dehairing my legs and maybe even, going out en femme.

So, welcome to our special place in cyberspace for sissies and AB's. I look forward to your contributions to what we're about!

Peace and LittleGirlLuv,
Thank you for saying so :) I really appreciate it.
That so cool! I did Taekwondo too! What level are you, and which style?

Also, I myself don't really have the privacy to wear very often. Its cool you get too!

you should message me, I'd love to talk :)
Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss from a big baby who likes to wear a diaper!


thanks! nice to meet you! message me any time
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