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My fascination with nappies goes back to when I was very little and discovered my old nappies under my bed and started wearing one to go to sleep. This stopped when my mother went mad with me and moved them. After that I used to take towels and put them around me like a nappy. All through my teens I used to get hold of baby nappies and wear them “ I was a small child.
Moving forward in time, when I first got married, my wife did allow me to wear to nappies to bed, on the pretence that I had a wetting problem. After the birth of our first child the nappies stopped, but the fascination didnt. Recently I had a medical condition which required the wearing of protective pads, although not for wetting reasons. I went to a chemist where they sold adult nappies and even managed to get the lady working there to help me find a nappy that fitted and show me how to put it on! Of course I had the nappies from my wife because she would be very upset.
I had to go out of town on business for a few hours a few weeks go, and decided that it would be a good chance to wear a nappy. I went to the chemist on my way out of town to purchase a packet of nappies only to discover that they did not have my size in stock. The same lady who helped me before offered me a different size and suggested that in her opinion I should be fine in them and allowed me to use the private consultation room to try it on. It was a very good fit like she said.
I found out how easy it was to relax the muscles when driving and found that I actually wet myself without realising, so much so that when I stopped for a break my nappy had leaked. I waddled into the service station to change my nappy, but rather than use a toilet cubicle, asked a lady attendant if I go use the disabled toilet. She could smell and see the dilemma I was in and so agreed. I went and changed myself and walked out and thanked her.
When I arrived at my destination my nappy was wet again but not leaking so left it on throughout the meeting. I do not think that any realised, not even when I got up to leave and the crinkle from the wet nappy was fairly obvious. I started on my journey back and really needed to change myself but needed to wait because I needed to buy petrol first. At the petrol station I filled my car with petrol and when inside the station paying filled my nappy some more. Unfortunately this time it leaked through. The garage attendant saw that I had leaked but said nothing. He did give me a funny a look!
Eventually I got to a service station and found a lady who was on duty and again asked about the disabled toilets. She told me that she had realised as soon as I walked in my problem and that I should not worry because she was also incontinent. She suggested I wear tights over my nappy because this would help to keep it in place even when very wet and I wouldnt waddle as much. She asked me to stay where I was while she went to the shop to get some tights for me. She came back with a pair of 10 denier black tights which felt very sheer and quite thin. I went to the toilet and changed my nappy and put the tights on. They felt very nice to wear. I then put my trousers back on. I went out of the toilet cubicle and thanked her very much.
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wow cool story
i can't believe that happen to you haha
its quite a good story/truth did anything else happen ?
they say beuty is in the eye of the beholder but there is no reason why it cant be wrong
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