XXX Forced Play time
A 12 year old is forced to play dress up with his sister and friend and finds out he actually enjoys it
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Characters: Jesse
Chapter 1: The playtime plan
Jesse had always been antisocial. He could never seem to find someone that enjoyed the same interests as him. This may have sprouted from his father leaving his mom when he was 2. Growing up without a dad was hard for Jesse. Jesse for the most part stayed in his room for most of the day, playing violent video games that his mother hated. She had tried to get Jesse involved with summer activities. She had signed Jesse up for the summer baseball league but Jesse refused to go. She had also registered the family at the local pool but Jesse would always come up with excuses for why he wouldn't go.
This all changed one day. It was a normal summer day, hot and humid. Jesse had been up in his room playing a new video game he had gotten the previous day. Then Taylor, his sister and her friend Ashely came in and asked Jesse"Would come play with us, we need one more play"
Jesse vehemently opposed this saying"Go play your stupid girl games by yourself"
Taylor did not like this and goes and tells her Mom. This had not been the first time this problem had happened and Margaret finally came up with a way to improve Jesse's attitude. She tells it to Taylor and Ashley and both girls giggle excited for what was to come

Chapter 2: Girl Clothing is better than boy clothing
The day finally came when Margaret would bring her plan into action. She had purchased many items from a couple different stores, all girly. She calls Jesse into her room where she has laid her purchases out on her bed. Jesse yells "I don't want to, I'm in the middle of a level"
Margaret yells back " You get in here right now mister, or I will ground you from your video games"
Jesse wasn't the biggest person in the world. He was 5ft. 2in. and weighed only 100lbs. He had pail skin and shoulder length brown hair. Because he was so small, his mom could easily assert her dominance over him and she did so often if he was misbehaving. When Jesse's mom yells back, He promptly exits his game and goes into her room. When he walks in he is surprised by what he sees. There is clothing for dressing a five year old girl laid out on his moms bed. Jesse says nervously "What is this all about"
Margaret replies "Have a seat, I am sick and tired of your antisocial attitude and your laziness, so it ends today, Your sister has been asking you to play with her and her friend all summer and now I'm making you."
Jesse knew it was futile to refuse so he did the only thing he could do, he cried and begged "Please mom, don't make me wear these girly things, I will be better"
Margaret retorts"Its far too late for that, you have had this chance on many occasions, now take off all of your clothes, don't be shy, I have seen you naked on many occasions"
Jesse reluctantly takes off all his clothes slowly. He hesitates as he gets to his boxers and his mom says"Hurry up, Taylor and Ashley are waiting"
He nervously takes off his boxers, leaving him nude in front of his mom. His mom grabs the first article of clothing, a pair of pink panties with pictures of the disney princesses on them. She gives them to Jesse, He feels them and is surprised when he sees they are quite soft. He promptly puts them on, they actually fit perfectly even with his junk. She then gives him a matching bra and shows him how to put it on. Next his mom gives him a pair of stockings that go up to his knees that are also pink and have hearts on them. He puts them on and pulls them up as far as they will go. Margaret is pleased to see Jesse isn't being to resistant, but knows that is about to change when she brings out the next few items. She brings out the poofiest and frilliest dress Jesse had ever seen. It looked just like princess belles gown. Yellow slip with a corset to bring out Jesse's breast, and to top it off, matching gloves and a tiara. Jesse sees these items and tries again to get out of this cruel punishment, but Margaret is firm and resolute. She tells Jesse to lift his hands up and puts the gown on over his head. Jesse then felt something strange, just as he had felt when he put his panties and stockings on, He felt a feeling of softness and comfort. None of his boy clothes had ever felt this comfortable and nice. The gowns fabric was silky and nice. Margaret sees Jesse feeling the fabric and says to Jesse's dismay"I hope you like this clothing because this is your birthday present" Which was coming up in a couple of weeks. Margaret finishes up tightening everything so it fits and gives Jesse the gloves and tiara to put on to complete his outfit. After he had done this, Margaret examines him to make sure everything is on properly and then says"You look lovely dear, see for yourself"
Margaret has Jesse walk in front of the mirror and is mortified by what he sees. He sees a teenage princess that is dressed to go to her first ball. Margaret has Jesse walk around to get used to the feeling of wearing a dress. Jesse actually quite enjoys this because of the feelings of his dress against his skin and Margaret notices this as well and smiles and says"Now that you are all ready, I want you walk down to your sisters room and say your ready to play princess tea party with them"

Chapter 3: Playing princess is fun
Jesse knew nothing he could do to disuade his mom from making him do it so he quietly walked down to his sisters room, silently enjoying the feeling of the girl clothing. Taylor and Ashley could hear footsteps coming and knew that the moment they had been waiting for had come. Taylor and Ashley were both 9 and were both about the same height and weight as Jesse. Taylor had hair like Jesse's but longer, while Ashley had long blonde hair. Both girls were in princess gowns as well. Taylor was in a light blue gown like Cinderella and Ashley was in a pink gown like Aurora For the past hour, both girls had been coming up with ways to sissify Jesse even more and were about to unleash those ideas on to Jesse. Jesse reaches his sisters door and knocks on it, though his knock is muffled by his gloved hand. Taylor calls out"Who is it"
Jesse responds"Its me, Jesse"
Taylor opens the door and says"I don't see Jesse, all I see is princess Jessica coming to our lovely tea party, come on in princess Jessica" using the obvious girl name for Jesse
To Jesse's humiliation once he walked into the room and Taylor had shut the door, Both girls started laughing hysterically. Once they were done they played tea party and talked about girl things like shoes and hot boys and fashion magazines. Both girls made sure to include Jessica into their conversation they would ask him questions like"Who do you think is hot in your class" and would show him pictures of shoes and dresses in their fashion magazines and ask him which ones he liked more. They made sure Jesse talked like a girl as well which made the girls laugh as Jesse tried to make his voice higher and use girly slang words.Jesse actually started enjoying this and the girls could tell. They did other things as well, like give princess Jessica a make over. They did her hair in a girly fashion like as if she was getting her hair done before the dance, They also put lip stick and makeup on her. Both girls also gave Jesse a pedicure and painted his nails a yellow to match his dress. eventually it began to get late and Ashley had to leave. Before she left she said"I sure had fun playing with you girls, especially you Jessica" and another round of laughter from the two girls started but Jesse didn't mind as much anymore and Taylor and Ashley thought that was cute. Once Ashley left, Jesse asked if he could change back into his normal boy clothes. Margaret replies"You are to stay in your cute dress until bedtime, besides, by your reactions I think you were having fun"
To both Margaret and Taylors utter delight, Jesse nods and says humbly and quietly"It was kind of fun"

Chapter 4 Accidents happen

That night, before Jesse got ready for bed, Margaret comes in with more bags. She sets them on his bed, and says "I got you some things to wear at night too."
Jesse opens the bags and sees more pairs of girly panties, with other childish cartoon designs on them like fairies and ballerinas. Margaret sees Jesse staring at them and says"Pick your favorite"
Jesse blushes and says, "I will wear the pink and green barbie styled ones."
Margaret helps take Jesse's gown off and helps him put his panties on, to Jesse's pleasure they were just as comfortable as the pair he had just been wearing. Next, Jesse looks in and see's five frilly nighties, each a different color and design then the last. Margaret also lets Jesse pick his favorite. Jesse chooses a pink one to match his panties. Margaret helps Jesse put it on. He could get used to his mom helping him dress. The nightie was just as lacy and soft as Jesse imagined. His mom smiles and says"Looks, like this little girl is ready for bed." Jesse gets into his plain boyish bed and his mom kisses him good night and says"Good night sweetie"
Margaret turns the light off, closes the door and leaves. The girl clothing was so comfortable that Jesse had no problem falling a sleep. In his dreams, He imagined himself doing all sorts of girlish things, like going to the mall, and fawning over boys at a dance, each scene enjoying the comfort of his girl clothes. Jesse enjoyed these dream very much. When he wakes up it is 8o'clock. Jesse feels cold and damp for some reason, he looks under his covers and notices a large wet spot on his sheet and his cute nightie and panties. He realizes he must have had a wetting accident during the night. He was worried, he had not done this since he was 4 and had never had a problem with this in his childhood. It must have been from all the embarrassment and new feelings from the day before It was just at this moment that his sister Taylor walks in and says "how did my sister sleep last night in your night time apparel", and then notices the large wet spot. Taylor giggles and says "Did wittle princess Jessicwa wet the bed"
Jesse starts crying as Taylor leaves to go get their mom. When Margaret walks in she sits by Jesse on the bed avoiding the wet spot and hugs her sissified son and says"It's alright darling, accidents happen"
Jesse continues to sniffle as Margaret continues"I was meaning to get you new bed sheets anyway, Now we can do it today"
Jesse smiles and says"Can we get,one with the Disney Princesses on them"
Margaret happily says"Of course we can"

Chapter 5: Jessica in public

Jesse took a bath after his accident and his mom gave him special soaps and shampoos to put on, they were mainly girly with sweet smelling soap and chemicals to make his skin feel and hair feel soft and flowing. One body wash he put on, made his skin feel weird, and when he washed it off, all of his body hair had disappeared. Jesse didn't mind this as much as he thought. When he got done, he toweled off with a pink scented towel and walked into his room to see his mom laying out the clothes he would be wearing today. He first put on a pair of purple panties with ballerinas dancing on it. Followed by a matching training bra, that Margaret helped him put on. Next she gave Jesse a strapless sundress that only fell halfway up his leg. It was pink with roses. After that Margaret gave Jesse some pink sandals to complete the outfit. Margaret looked Jesse over once more and announced"Looks like, Jessica is ready to make her debut in public"
After that Margaret gave Jessica a quick talk about lady decorum in public. "Make sure to cross your legs when you are sitting down, and make sure you swivel your hips like a girl when you walk" this lecture went on for about fifteen minutes in which Jesse was forced to practice all of these techniques. He thought it was a little embarrassing but quickly got used to it but When they were done, Margaret announced It was time to go. Margaret, Taylor, and Jessica all got into Margaret's SUV and drove to the local mall.
Once they arrived Jesse was nervous to go into public as a girl. Margaret assured him no one would noticed, so Jesse got out and looked around to see anyone was watching. He saw no one staring, He breathed a sigh of relief. The two girls and their mom made their way into the mall for an eventful day of shopping. Margaret and Taylor took Jesse to all sorts of stores. As Margaret promised, They first went to a bed and mattress store. They bought Jesse new bed sheets, a couple comforters, and a blanket. The sheets were pink. The comforters had pictures of the disney princesses twirling their ball gowns around. The blanket was fuzzy and soft and had hearts and dancing ballerinas on them. Margaret also bout Jesse a plastic mattress cover for his bed which was also pink. Margaret saw Jesse giving her a questioning look and said"Just in case you have another accident"
They went to other stores as well. They bought Jesse more panties,bras,dresses, and stockings. They also helped Jesse choose some makeup and lipstick. Lastly, they stopped at the disney store, and both Jesse and Taylor got to pick out another princess gown to buy. Jesse chose the pink Arial dress while Taylor chose the green Tiana dress. After they had made all their purchases, They went home, both girls excited to try on their new dresses.

Chapter 6 Jessica, again
As soon as they got home, Jesse and Taylor, ran inside with their dresses to go put them on. Jesse went into his room, quickly pulled of his skirt off, and pulled his new pink Arial dress over his head, This one was made with the same materials but it wasn't as poofy, but would still be considered a ball gown to most girls. This one also didn't come with gloves, instead it had sleeves made with the same silky material that felt great against Jesse's skin. Jesse put his tiara on to finish his costume and then looked himself over in the mirror. He did girly poses to see how they looked. He swished his dress around. Held the skirt flush against his knees, and even did a curtsey. Not to Jesse's knowledge, Margaret had been standing behind Jesse the whole time and beamed with happiness. Margaret was proud of the princess Jesse was becoming. Margaret walks up to Jessica in the mirror and says" I don't think Jesse exists anymore, Now it is only Jessica. From now on you are to be called Jessica all the time"
Jessica said happily"I, love it"
After princess Jessica was ready, She walked over to Taylor's room, and knocked. Taylor opened the door and grinned at Jessica, Jessica did the curtsey she had practiced and Taylor did likewise. Taylor lets Jessica into her room and sees that Ashley had arrived. She was wearing a snow white dress and they both curtsied as a sign of greeting. All 3 girls decided to give each other makeovers. They started with Ashley, and then Taylor, and then Jessica. As this was going on Jessica noticed pressure building on her bladder, but decided to ignore it. While Taylor and Ashley were doing her nails, Jessica began to notice the pressure building more. It was beginning to get hard to hold. Jessica began to fidget to the displeasure of Ashley and Taylor. Taylor said"Jessica, please hold still, this won't take much longer"
Jessica quickly responds"I have to go potty"
Taylor then realizes this and says"After we get done with your nails you can go"
Taylor and Ashley seem to take forever, Jessica was beginning to get desperate. Finally the two girls finished Jessica's nails. At this point, Jessica's bladder was about to burst. Taylor notices this and says"You can go to the bathroom, but be careful with your nails. Jessica hurriedly rushes to the bathroom, Margaret comes around the corner and says"Jessica, come see your bed"
Jessica desperately cries"Can it wait a second"but Margaret is already ushering her into her room, as Margaret leads Jessica into her room, a small squirt of urine goes into Jessica's panties. Jessica tenses up, and is about to run to the bathroom, but then the inevitable happens. Jessica loses control of her bladder and begins to flood, her panties and dress.Margaret shows Jessica her new bed, She had also painted her walls pink and added a border with dancing ballerinas Margaret notices, the strange face on Jessica's face and says"Honey, whats wrong" it is at this moment Margaret looks down and sees a growing wet spot on Jessica's gown. Jessica had to pee so much, The urine reached the bottom of her dress, and started dripping on the floor, making a large puddle. Jessica begins to cry from embarrassment for wetting again. Margaret is compassionate and says"It's alright sweetie, It's my fault, I should have let you go". Margaret helps Jessica get changed out of her wet dress and panties. As Margaret turns to go take Jessica's damp princess gown to the wash. Jessica is hit with another emergency signal from her bladder. It appeared, Jessica hadn't completely finished peeing. Jessica rushes to the bathroom but is too late, and floods his already soaked panties. Urine floods down his legs and makes another puddle on the floor. Margaret Sees this, and actually laughs at Jessica's predicament and Jessica actually laughs too. They both think it is hilarious. Taylor and Ashley hear them laughing and come out to see Jessica in a completely soaked purple pair of panties, with pee still dripping down his legs and Margaret holding an obviously soaked princess dress. Ashley and Taylor join in the laughing. After they get done laughing, Taylor and Ashley help get Jessica cleaned up while Margaret cleans up the mess Jessica made on the carpet. Both girls help Jessica get out of her soaked panties which they throw in the wash with her dress, They get out a cute pair of panties with Cinderella on them. They then get Jessica into a new party dress they had gotten that day. It was pink with tons of frills, that poofed out at the bottom. It only fell a little past Jessica's hips making it obvious to see her panties. They continued playing into the night.

Chapter 7: wetting feels nice
Ashley slept over and all three girls camped out in the living room. All three girls were dressed in frilly nighties. Taylor had three sleeping bags with girly designs. Jessica was allowed to choose first and decided on a pink one with fairies on it. They decided to watch Little Mermaid. During the movie, Jessica falls asleep. Noticing this Taylor comes up with a plan. Taylor and Ashley both like seeing Jessica wet her panties like a three year old so they come up with a plan to make her have another night time accident. Taylor goes into the kitchen and fills a glass up with water, and warms it in the microwave for a few seconds. Once it is warm, She takes it out and walks over to where Jessica is sleeping. She sets it down by Jessica's sleeping bag, and takes Jessica's hand and dips it in the cup. Both girls wait a few minutes, and then giggle with joy as a dark spot appears on the sleeping bag and slowly gets bigger until the spot spreads all the way across the sleeping bag. Both girls laugh and then go to bed excited for the reactions in the morning.
The next day, Jessica notices she wet the bed again. Jessica was really worried as this was happening more frequently. Margaret comes in and sees Jessica crying in a wet nightie and completely soaked sleeping bag. She sits next to Jessica and comforts her saying"Its alright honey, accidents happen". Taylor and Ashley wake up and try to act surprised at Jessica's wetting accident. Once again Margaret cleans up the mess, while Taylor and Ashley go clean Jessica up. They take her up stairs, and giver her a bath. Jessica felt nice being bathed by her sister. After Taylor finished, She helps Jessica out and dries her off and shows Jessica how to wrap the towel around her waist like a skirt. They then walk into Jessica's room and see Ashley had laid out on the bed, Jessica's clothes. She hands Jessica the frilliest panties, she had. They are also the most comfortable and she quickly pulls them up her legs. Next Ashley hands Jessica her princess Belle gown and helps Jessica get into it. After they are done, Margaret comes in and has the other 2 girls leave. She has Jessica sit on the bed and says:"Jessica, you seem to be having wetting accidents, more regularly is something wrong?"
Jessica meagerly says"I don't think so"
Margaret says"Your body must still be getting used to your girly transformation, give this some time and it will probably go away". Jessica secretly deep, down actually enjoyed the feeling of waking up wet, and enjoyed the feeling of soaking her panties and dress.

Chapter 8: Pull ups are for toddlers... and princesses

After Margaret got done talking to Jessica about being more cautious and going to the bathroom at the first sign of needing to go, Jessica goes over to play in Taylor's room with the other girls. They decided to play tea party. Taylor made the tea, and made sure to give Jessica the most because she knew tea is a diuretic and would make Jessica have to go pee pee faster. After 2 hours of playing, Jessica is hit with a twinge from her bladder. Taking her mothers advice, Jessica hurriedly goes over to the bathroom with Taylor and Ashley following closely behind her. Jessica reaches the bathroom and hits another predicament. Jessica may have been dressed, and acted like a girl, but deep down he was male and still peed with a penis. Jessica desperately tried to lift her skirt to pull her panties down, but couldn't with 2 hands. Jessica called for help and this time Ashley came to help. Ashley calmly says"Let your skirt down princess Jessica, and I will help you"
Jessica does this, then Ashley goes up behind Jessica and acts as if to reach for Jessica's skirt, but quickly stops and starts tickling Jessica. Jessica was really ticklish and immediately flinched away from Ashley, but Ashely never relented and corners Jessica, who is laughing hysterically desperately trying to notify Ashley that she had to go to the bathroom. Ashley kept tickling until Jessica finally lost control and flooded her panties and dress again. Jessica tried to stop the flow by putting her gloved hands on her crotch but that only succeeded in getting her gloves wet and forcing some of the urine to go up into the blouse of her gown. Since Jessica was wearing her yellow gown, It didn't show up as much, but both Taylor and Ashley could tell Jessica had flooded her panties and dress again. Jessica is hit with a wave of pleasure from wetting herself. He feels really satisfied and comfortable, She thinks to herself"Princess Jessica likes to wet her panties and dress, it is where little princesses are supposed to do their business". Finally after Jessica finished wetting. Taylor goes and gets Margaret, who ushers the two girls away and leads Jessica into her room. She then has another talk with Jessica"Jessica, it has become obvious that you can't hold your bladder easily, and it looks like you enjoy wetting yourself, is that true?"
Jessica nods truthfully and Margaret responds"I thought so, That's alright but I don't want you ruining your nice ball gowns so I bought you something while you girls were playing"
Margaret brings out a package of girls pull-ups and to Jessica's delight, the disney princesses on them.
Margaret opens the package and hands one to Jessica who eagerly puts it on. Jessica is amazed at how comfortable it is. It was probably more comfortable than her frilliest pair of panties. Margaret says"These aren't permanent, if you can go a week without wetting them, then I will let you go back into big girl panties"
Jessica thought to herself " That was never going to happen"
Margaret had also gotten Jessica plastic panties to prevent leakages. They were pink with other girly cartoon characters on them. Jessica puts it on. Decides to put on a short party dress to show off her new undergarments and went to go play with the other girls.

Chapter9: I want to wear pullups too
Jessica walks back over to Taylor's room with a slight waddle caused by the padding of the pullup. When Taylor opens the door and sees Jessica in a short skirt clearly showing off her plastic panties and pull up. Taylor grins and says"Come on in, wittle pwincess Jessicwa, did you wet yourself on the way over here"
Jessica just smiles and shakes her head. Jessica, Taylor, and Ashley continued to play tea party and then played dolls. While playing dolls, the tea caught up with Jessica and she had to go tinkle, but instead of rushing to the restroom, She calmly relaxed, spread her legs, letting go of her bladder and flooding her pull-up. If Jessica thought wetting her panties and dresses felt good, This was ten times better. As the pull-up expanded, it presses firmer against Jessica's skin and felt really nice. It also held all the pee and the plastic panties made sure none leaked. Jessica felt very childish after this wetting episode but also felt really nice. Taylor and Ashley witnessed Jessica wetting her pull-up, and without Jessica knowing, both girls became extremely jealous of Jessica. Both girls had been late potty trainers, not being out of diapers until 5 and stopped wetting the bed, just a year ago. Both girls also remember the feeling of a nice wet pull-up, as Jessica left to go get changed by Margaret, both girls planned to wet their princess gowns in front of Margaret. A few minutes later Jessica returned with a fresh pull-up, and they continued their playing. Ashley was the first to have to go. Taylor purposely locked the door to the up-stairs bathroom forcing Ashley to have to walk down the stairs to get to the other bathroom. Ashley was rushing down the stairs desperately having to go to the bathroom she trips and falls down the last two stairs landing on her butt. The shock was enough to force her bladder to expel its liquid. and Ashley floods her panties and Snow White dress. Unlike Jessica, Ashley floods more her panties, and backside with most of it making it to the white tiled floor where it made a big obvious puddle. Margaret hearing the commotion walks in on Ashley on the ground wetting like a toddler. Margaret is speechless for a second and then smiles and says"Looks like we have another princess that likes to wet her panties, and dress, Is that right?". Ashley smiles and eagerly nods. Margaret cleans up the mess and then takes Ashley into Jessica's room and gets her out of her wet clothes. Margaret grabs a pull-up and says"It appears you need this as well, I will make the same deal I made Jessica, If you stay dry for a week, you can go back to big girl panties, but I doubt that will be happening. Also your mom gave me a call, Her and your dad had to go a sudden month long business trip so you will be staying with us for a while." Ashley smiles in her new diapered state and says"Alright, this will be fun" Ashley puts on another princess gown she has, Rapunzel, and walks over to continue playing with Jessica and Taylor. They had been playing for another hour or so when Taylor's bladder started giving her the emergency signal. She looks over at her 2 friends and says"Looks like its my turn to be a little princess and wet myself, I will be right back"
Taylor walks down the stairs and finds Margaret. Taylor doesn't even try to make it look like an accident, she walks in front of Margaret and lets go. She instinctual reaches her gloved hand to her crotch but just as Jessica found out, that just spreads the pee around more. Taylor felt much pleasure from wetting her Tiana dress and Margaret was just laughs and says"I had a feeling you would have an accident as well, looks like all my girls like being in pull-us" Margaret for the third time that day, cleaned a puddle and helped a girl get out of a soaked dress and into a pull-up, plastic panties and a new dress. Taylor decided to dress in her Cinderella gown again. She makes sure she looks okay and then goes back to her room and all three girls continue to play dolls and other girl games while in pull-ups. all of them as happy as can be.

Chapter 10: From Pull-ups to Diapers

The three girls over the next few weeks began to get used to going tinkle in their pull-ups as they would say. Margaret was all right with it, she even thought it was kind of cute. The only time the girls went to the bathroom was if they had to poo. Jessica also really started getting used to being a girl. Margaret had found hormone pills to make Jessica's icky boy parts shrivel and bring out her cute little breasts. Things were going all right but then Jessica had another thing happen to her that would make her even happier. The three girls and their mom had been shopping in the mall and were waiting in the line when Jessica noticed she had to go poopie. She told her mom, who just said"Wait patiently, will be done in a few moments and then you can go to the potty."
The line never moved and Jessica started cramping from having to go so much. She began to get desperate and asked her mom again more begging this time"Please mommy, I really have to go"
Margaret saw that her daughter was desperate but didn't want to lose her spot in line. She said"Hold it for a few more moments, we are next in line"
Margaret paid for there things and then lead Jessica to the bathroom, they were almost their when Jessica lost it. She let out a large wet fart, She cramped again and forced her to squat which made her sphincter muscles relax and let out the biggest poo she had taken. It was 3 giant lumps. It was so big Jessica's pull up couldn't hold it and it started to squish in front of her crotch. Just as the last lump came out her bladder let loose mixing poo with pee to make a nice giant mess in Jessica's pull-up. Jessica was extremely embarrassed but just as her first wetting accident had been, her first messing accident was a delightful experience. It felt nice how her sphincter muscles relaxed and the warm poo squished up in front of her crotch, and how her bladder involuntarily let loose. Margaret, Taylor, and Ashley had all witnessed it. They also found it amusing. After this Margaret took the girls to a baby store and bought them pink diapers with hearts on them knowing the other two girls would try pooing their pull-ups to get into diapers. Margaret took her three princesses into the bathroom and first changed Jessica's messy pull up. She let Jessica get up on the changing table. She unstrapped the pull up and was amazed at how full it was. Anymore she thought and Jessica would have made a mess in the store. She cleaned Jessica up and then put the diaper on. She then changed Ashley and Taylor's pull-ups with diapers. All three girls thought they felt very nice. and when they got home were anxious to try them out. They played dress up and tea party for a while until they all had to go tinkle bad. They all went at the same time. They placed their hand on another girls diaper to make sure that she was peeing. Jessica put her hand on Taylor's and felt it growing warm while Jessica was peeing herself. All three girls loved the way these diapers were more padded and were soft so the pee absorbed better. The girls continued playing in their wet diapers as happy as could be. Margaret had come up with a way to baby her three girls. She decided to create a teen nursery, for teen babies and sissies. They would all have to wear frilly princess dresses, even the boys, and she would give the boys hormones like Jessica to make them more feminine. She told this idea to the three girls and they adored it.

4 months later
Margaret figured out she had a special skill for babying and sissifying teens. She had 14 teens in her care counting her 3 original girls. 8 of them were boys. Margaret had also found a pill that deactivates most hormones that cause aging, so her princesses stayed young and babyish. Jessica was playing with her new friends and thought for a second, 5 months ago, she had been an antisocial boy, now she was a sociable princess. She loved how things could change like that.

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great start to this story keep up the good work
Very nice so far. I can't wait to find out what happens next.
nice story
Baby Butch
I like your story, it is very well written. Jesse is one lucky boy to have fun like this. I like nylon nighties and wear a diaper with them so I don't have an accident. I am curious as to what will happen next, please continue.
Oh gosh, Jesse really is lucky. please, oh please post more when you can.
Chapter 5 is added

I have added chapters 6-8. I hope you enjoy them, princess jessica starts to enjoy wetting her pretty ball gowns.

Chapter 9 added. Taylor and Ashley appear to enjoy wetting their panties and gowns as well.

Chapter 10 added. This is the last chapter, I hope you enjoy the whole story.

Baby Butch
I like the additions to your story. Jessica is becoming a happy princess girl. I enjoy the wetting scenes and figure Jessica will end up in diapers soon.
Baby Butch
The story keeps getting better, I like how Jessica's sister and friend help her along with the bedwetting and pantie peeing. Pull ups with Disney Prncess's is perfect in this case.

I will come back and read the rest later. Baby Butch : )
Baby Butch
I read the rest of the story and enjoyed it. The 3 girls sure like to wet and poop, I can see why Margaret put them in diapers.

Nice ending with the teen nursery and so many boys ending up girls.
I read it all too. I loved the whole thing, though the part about the teen nursery seemed... off... to me, but then again I'm not a writer.
Nice Story
Great story, loved the princess theme.
Please continue. Great story
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