4~19~10 *** New ending for the Sissy Confidant story ***
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Clarisse, I am so happy to see updates from you, but I beg you to please stop using imageFap as your storage choice. I was viewing images from your links and my computer auto-downloaded a RootKit virus apparently from one of the ads on imagefap (and no i did not click on the ad - just the Close Ad button)

Everyone be careful - this rootkit acts like a false Antivirus program (which did not fool me) but it did cause me to have to do a whole new install of windows and i lost many hours and now i need to re-install everything - all of my programs!

I am not blaming you clarisse - the problem is that somehow imageFap is being successfully attacked
I dare you to try and diaper me and make me want it! Then, make me get pudgy pudgy pudgy, and maybe send me to the hair salon, either way tease me relentlessly! Ok, actually I am politely requesting you feature me (once dan - becomes dani or little dani) in captions doing the above. pweaty pweeeaasse!

p.s. (I also luv weight gain and hair themed caps!)
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