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1st i would like to state three things 1, if this is in the wrong place please feal free to move it, 2, i am not 24/7 but i would love to be if i found the right person to do it with and 3rd i do understand as a sissy (Sub) it is not my place to choose a 24/7 inviroment.

So hello im 25 male and very sissy, i believe there can be no limmits to being a sissy's are subs and must do as they are told.

My ideal sissy 24/7 is to be in the service of any one i dont care if they are male or female.

Being a maid and serving, I believe its should be made as hard as posable for a maid to be a maid this is why i have chosen what i have chosen as a uniform.

1st let me state that before a uniform that chastity is a important part of 24/7 its one of the few ways to keep a sissy like my self under controle, a cb3000 with the points of intreage in is a good day to day chastity device, a sissy should also be pluged on a day to day basis, plugs should be removed 2 to 3 times a day for toilet breaks but then put back in.
Punishment is also a important thing when it comes to keeping controle so a tolboy belt with metal butt plug that can have a electric pack fitted to it is a good way of keeping sissys in line. Anouther good way of keeping a sissy in line is the hollow butt plug, which robs the sissy contole of bodly functions, very usful for diaper disipline.
Breast forms must be a important part of a sissy life, unless they finaly go all the way and have best implants, a sissy should wear the bigest breast they can handle, dd's are a good size to put your sissy through they they will always rember they are there.

5 different outfits are to be used.

For normaly day to day duitys a victorian maids uniform to be warn what eather the weather,
set of boots 5" heel
white stockings wool
combonation bloomers that button all the way throughfrom the neck line to the bottom of the back, all ways done up.
two under petticoats
a corset that must be atleast 6" less than my natural waist
corset cover
one over petticoat
maid dress that buttons up the frount
apron that cross at the back and is buttoned on
maids hat
and satin gloves
All of this is not easy to work in let me tell you and makes it hard for the sissy.

For night time and serving duitys a sissy must be available and stunning, this is a time for a sissy to shine, serve and where needs be serivce.

one pair of ballet boots
black shiny stocking
garter belt
panties, now sissy panties should have easy accsess on the bottom area, so button up the bum sissy panties should be a must for a serving sissy. also a buttoned hole at the frount for humliation is also a good things, having your cb 3000 on display all night is not so easy.
maids dress, should have a neck to cover the adams apple and be line sleaved, it should button up the back to the neck and should be sattin, in eather hot pink or black, the skirt though should be short not long enouth to cover panties of crotch area, and heavily petticoated. a maids hat should be warn and a corset over the top of the maids uniform done up as tight as possable. lace gloves to finish.

Time off wear, to be 24/7 you cant keeping going for ever and ever you do need time off from serving, its important at this point that you cant just keeping foing 365 days a year no stoping.
But as a sissy again it should be hard to be a sissy.
Victorian womens clothing is a good way keeping controle of a sissy even in down time as its hard to wear and still means a sissy has to take time geting ready.

one pair of boots,
wool stockings
combonation bloomers that button all the way throughfrom the neck line to the bottom of the back, all ways done up.
two under petticoats
a corset that must be atleast 6" less than my natural waist
corset cover
one crinoline cage
one over petticoat
one dress that is modist that goes up the neck again.
and a bonnet with gloves.

Now for hime time a crinoline cage is a good idea becuase it keeps the sissy on there toes and does not them them forget what they are wearing,
for going out and about the cage can simply be removed with with a coat of some sort a sissy will be able to move around freely and with less attention, as modist people do blend in better.

4th punishment is important and sissy babfication is a perfect way of rearly showing your sissy there place.

Disposable Nappy
and bonnet

i will come back this.

5th and Finaly sleeping,

a long night dress
sleeping corset
short satin gloves
bed stockings
and night bonnet/cap

a sissy who is 24/7 must be alowed to sleep to stay fresh a 3 day stint is very different from 365 days so sleeping corset should not be mega tight, it is very important that chastity is also left on over night as a sissy can go wayward after lights out.

So we move on to day to day, a ruff outline fo what the sissy does in her day.

6am wake up have a enima and shower, dress and plug for the day ahead
7am make breakfast and do any things that needs to be does before the dom arises, breakfast should be made up and ready for them any thing that have requested like being dressed bathing should akso be done in this time.
9am Begin tasks of the day this should be set and checked off like dusting a room then cleaning fire place then hovering and moving on.
12pm a lunch break if the dom is there they come 1st naturaly if required plug can be removed for a 15 min toilet break
12.30pm finish off all jobs for the day
3pm if all is done this can be sissy time where the sissy can be them selfs.
4pm, tea to be made and dom attended too
6pm change into searving uniform
10pm sissy says his sissy prars and goes to sleep.

Now all this is just a basic outline and sissy will not have it that easy in reality.

Punishments should be predetmined a punishment rule book should be hld by the sissy so they know whats coming,
canning, paddling, spanking are all old fav's and for mantly un dusted 6 of the best is the best cause of action.
But there other ways of punishment, babyfication is a great way of causing a sissy to rember there punishment,

Locking a sissying into a crib in punishment uniform with no chance of being changed till say they have given 5 people a bj is a good way of keeping a sissy on there toes, there are pleanty of men who are interested in a sissy babys and men who would pay for this sort of time. but also this would mean a period of time amounting to daysthe sissy was lock up in the crib.

A sissy punishment which is hard is also a sissy being straped to a chair with a funal abouve her with a pip leaving to a gag, the sissy gag is inserted into the sissys mouth and then what ever the dom wanted does into the funnal, my "fav" idea would be a mix of sissy cream, sissy piss. and sissy baby poo, taken from the enima mixed with somthing more palatable.

24/7 is a hard thing to do and keep going, after the 1st 10 days it begins to become less fantisy and more life, a sissys life should be hard, punishment hard, work long and hard but the drive inside the sissy inside us all is what would have to keep us going and keep us sissys 24/7.

Sissy maid Katie bell

A few places i have got idea's over the years.

Please feal free to spell check this if you want and repost?
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Thanks for posting, it was really interesting seeing your 24/7 heaven. I hope you are able to live it one day.


I very much enjoyed reading about your 24/7 sissy heaven, I agreed on alot of points! Its nice to see people using this part of the forum to post their ideal 24/7 sissy heaven, I can't wait to read more!

That sounds very nice i personally would add more diapers *giggles*
All we want in life is someone to cuddle, a skirt, and a clean diaper. (oh wait that's just me *giggles*)
I really enjoyed reading this. But I am torn between wanting to be the sissy in this scenario or having a sissy like you at my service.

kisses and hugs to all...

Puppy Amber
I agree with most of your points but personally i would like more diapers involved. Kisses XxX
great ideas. i too would need more diapers in my 24/7 sissy life. also i am not sure that i would want any of that yucky stuff in my mouth, but i guess thats the point
Diapered and Pretty!
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